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Apply personel experiences to the text assigned and read Essay

Apply personel experiences to the text assigned and take - Essay ExampleIndeed, the broader aims and objectives of the education are to empower the students to make effective and rational choice in the personal and professional lives. While my personal experience has been contradictory to the ones portrayed by the authors, it has nevertheless, raised umteen pertinent questions regarding modern education system and the role of teachers, schools and environment. Does our education system really ensure virtue amongst the emerging multicultural society and help equips the students with skills to make decisions based on advised choices?Gatto questions the validity of tuition and questions whether this deadly second really necessary? (71). Yes, it is necessary. It is key facilitating platform that provides one with the learning environment and routine so it could be promote wise use of it in ones daily life. My forefathers insistence on 100% attendance was but to inculcate a routine and an touch on in the school activities. The school education helps us to utilize the knowledge gained in constructive sort to improve our lifestyle and living standard. My early education has remained the most significant part of life because it has taught me to seek reinvigorated vista for improved results. I liked to engage in discussion with my peers and get new perspectives on issues and lessons taught in the class. The habit has become the strongest point of my character.The purpose of education is to exhort the students to apply informed choices in their decision making. Rose emphasizes that through exceptional teachersstudents learn to develop hypotheses and troubleshoot, reason through a problem, and communicate effectively - the true job skills (91). Indeed, good teachers are able to effectively tap the potence of the students. My personal experience corroborates with his view because the very system has taught me to understand the changing social values and helped me to let loose my horizon of

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Nutrition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Nutrition - Essay ExampleThe overall effect of these factors is even so, cell impairment that inhibits the persona of insulin to stimulate absorption of sugar into cells. When this resistance occurs, sugar cannot be efficiently absorbed and its levels rise extravagantlyer(prenominal) up optimum. One of the major causes of type 2 diabetes is genetics. The malady is hereditary, which means that a parent with the disease before a childs birth is likely to move out the complication to his or her child. Similarly, diagnosis of the disease in a sibling is an indicator that a person is likely to be a victim. This is however a reflection of the genetic transfer from a parent (Diabetes, 1).A persons communication channel has also been identify as a factor to developing diabetes. This is because some races have shown significantly higher susceptibility to the type II diabetes than others have. An example is the American Indian race. As a result, being an American Indian increases a per sons chances of contracting the disease. High blood pressure, as high as 140/90 and above is another factor that causes type II diabetes (Diabetes, 1). The basis of the disease, inability to recognize efficient absorption of blood sugar into cells, explains the role of blood pressure in causing the disease. This is because transfer of molecules through cell membrane, whether facilitated by insulin or not, is a factor of pressure hence unfavorably high levels of pressure hinders the sugar molecules flow into cells. High levels of cholesterol also affect sugar absorption into cells causing type II diabetes. Higher levels such as above 35mg/dL have for example been identified to cause the disease (Diabetes, 1). Similarly, factors such as being overweight or being physically motionless also cause the disease and can be associated with effects of excessive accumulation of fats in the frame (Diabetes, 1).People with type two diabetes exhibits specific complications that have been

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Analysis Samsung Electronics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

depth psychology Samsung Electronics - Case Study ExampleThe company became known for its relatively low-cost quality innovative produce lines and was able to give stiff competition to electronic majors like Sony, Nokia, Phillips etc. by unceasingly coming up with ever new features in all its products.There were many factors that contributed towards companys continued leadership position in the world market. The foremost was its business enterprise model that relied on festinate based innovative products. The company focused on its strategy of developing research and engineering skills so that it could improve and improvise innovatively on the electrical and digital products of Sony, Phillips, Matsushita, and Nokia. Samsungs ability to launch its own products with added features with a great speed was a huge success with the target population. Samsung had geared its teams of professionals to keep a unrelenting watch on the peoples pulse and was, therefore, able to anticipate thei r demands and used to come up with new products and features that were envied by its rivals.Another vital feature of its business strategy was its focused approach towards R&D and utilizing his human resource as capital investment. His team was able to develop huge clasp within the same product because they were able to customize new products around their core design. He as well as introduced the concept of competing for product development teams which were located at diverse locations, thus promoting competition with the group for innovation. The merit-based advance within the group ensured that the best got their dues. High potential employees were encouraged to MBA and Ph.D. in the foreign country on companys expenses so that expert team could be indigenously developed and fostered for improved business performance.

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Example Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

practice - Essay ExampleBut how much truth lies skunk claims that such cars be good for everyone? accord to recent studies, there are very few reasons to purchase what demand become known as environmentally friendly cars, which turn out to be everything but environmentally friendly. For years, electrical vehicles have been lauded as the savior from so-called global warming, natural resource depletion and apocalyptic pollution, but nothing could be to a greater extentover from the truth. There are multiple reasons why government and car manufacturer claims about EVs superiority are fallacies. A widely publicized study reports that electric vehicles have limited range (often under nose candy miles) long charge times (up to 20 hours) limited charge stations ( attack stations outnumber them 10 to 1) an exorbitant price (even with a $7,500 tax credit, the Volt EV costs $14,000 more than than the comparable Cruze gas vehicle) when factoring in manufacturing and disposal, EVs cont ribute to more pollutants than gas vehicles government endorsement over-values EVs, promoting unaccountability and poor quality and electric cars have been a repeated failure for 180 years, as gas has proven to be more efficient and easily accessible than electricity with regards to cars (Adams 2011). All of these strikes against electric vehicles go to show that these cars have and been a vehicle to extract money from gullible, undiscerning or politically motivated consumers. Hybrid cars, which browse on a combination of gas and electricity, have also been proven to be a fob when it comes to their environmental and financial benefits. But what about their touted excellent gas mileage that supposedly saves thousands with todays high gas prices? It is reported that gas prices would have to approach $8 a gallon forwards many of the cars could be expected to pay off in the six years an average individual owns a car, (Bunkley 2012). A person purchasing Nissans crossbreed Leaf - ov er the comparable gas-powered Versa - would have to carry it for nine years at todays gas prices before seeing any savings - after paying a $10,000 higher price tag for the hybrid. Just as with EVs, the promises behind hybrids superior technology and better fuel economy do not pan out, as their impertinently engineering proves to be more detrimental to the environment than their gas-engine counterparts, which are also much more economical. Yet, when it comes bring down to it, consumers purchase hybrid cars not because of their proven benefits, but because of the social and politically correct pressure to drive what is considered a smart and environmentally friendly car, as opposed to a stupid and environmentally gaga gas guzzler. However, the misinformation and manipulative effectiveness of the green agenda has seen sales of hybrids increase by 60 portion this year, which now accounts for three percent of total auto sales in the United States. In Japan, on the other hand, hybri d sales have decreased with the economic hardships brought upon by the massive 9.0 earthquake and tsunami pull through year, and the continued economic woes in the United States could trigger a similar trend, especially as more studies are exposing the fraudulent claims and deceitful endorsement of green vehicles by car manufacturers and governments alike. Buying electric vehicles and hybrid cars are proving to be not all that they are cracked up to be as more and more research divulges

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The Antiquity of the American Concept of Evidence Essay

The ancientness of the American Concept of Evidence - Essay ExampleEven though try principle is broadly speaking the conception of common law juries, the United States organized these in 1975 and named them the Federal Rules of Evidence. Even though the national law is valid merely to federal court cases, almost all states have used them, at times with differences, like their evidence doctrine (Hall & Clark, 2002, 281). Several current elements of American concept of evidence develop from antiquity, such as (1) original writing, (2) privileges, (3) policy-based exclusions, (4) rule 403, and (5) relevance. Due to the fact that written documents can be quite a important to the result of court trials, and still can quickly be fabricated, the codes show a pie-eyed partiality for original documents. The law is disposed to give up evidence that it hopes to safeguard from admission in order to protect particular relationships (Hall & Clark, 2002). Some of the most common of such privi lege are discussions with geniuss spouse, attorney, etc. (p. 281). Policy-based exclusions state that specific laws express social policy partialities to keep out evidence in particular circumstances despite of its relevance. Rule 403 implies that the most vital principle of exclusion of clever evidence grants wide judgment to judges to rule out evidence which, even though pertinent, does to a greater extent to hamper than to promote logical judgment (Hall, 1989). And lastly, according to Hall & Clark (1989), relevance means that merely germane(predicate) evidence is acceptable, and relevant evidence is acceptable except if ruled out.

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Contemporary Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Contemporary Issues - Essay ExampleIt is, therefore, the engineers prerogative to cristal this protection. The education bar needs to be raised to ensure all those who qualify are up to the task of offering their services to the world (Osif, 2006). This paper will review just about of the contemporary issues they face, and their realizable solutions.There are many issues that face the civil engineering fraternity. One of the issues they face today is the inadequacy of investment. The fraternity faces a particularly immense problem with lack of investment that they cannot conduct business as usual. Every engineer is aware of the dangers and consequences of poor structures. They have to face the burden of proving their innocence when it comes to disasters concerning their structures. It is a godforsaken investment, thus not many individuals are willing to invest in this field (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011).Organizations prefer to run a focussing it safe. The need to invest in a risky b usiness is usually not appealing to anyone. even off in the past, the need to have structures built in order to connect people and the world was downplayed by lack of capital (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011). It played a frighteningly crucial role in preventing the creation of colossal structures for a long time. When infrastructure over the years does not get the recognition, they tend to have a negative impact on society. This presents a problem to everyone in todays modern society. fiat evolves on a daily basis. Many individuals do not want their society to be eat of all its natural beauty. Civil engineers need to realise this and strive to be sustainers, not just builders or designers. This is another problem or challenge they face. They need to shape society to accept the new, innovative way in which the world is changing (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011).The world should be ready and willing to invest in some of the civil engineering projects. This can prevent some of the problems that face the fraternity. Capital is

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Carman Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Carman Evaluation - Essay Exampleduced Carmen Jones in the year 1954 and sundry(a) other directors such as Dorothy Dandridge who won an Oscar award as the best actor later adopted the opera house (Dolen). Harry Belafonte also played a significant role in the acting and directing various scenes of the Carmen.Carmen grew in popularity and majority of the directors adopted the infrastructure and produced various scripts favoured by majority of the people who were fans of the original Carmen. Since 1975, no director has managed to come up with a new version of the Carmen. However, in the present day, director and dramatist Moses Kaufman has decided to come up with a team to bring out the new version of Carmen. The business existed and took the name Laramie Project. It comprises of Auturo OFarrill, who is a composer and won the Grammy awards. He is working together with Ronald K Brown who is a choreographer together with Henry Fonte, a producer (Dolen). They have assimilated their cas t to comprise of many professional and savant actors to feature in the new version of the play. The opera made its first appearance at the Jerry Herman noise Theatre, which is located at UM, Coral Gables campus set at 8p.m. on Wednesday. It ran until November 23rd.The plot has however been altered in the new script and production. The role of Carmen has changed and she is not a Spanish beauty who works at a cigarette factory located in 1820 Seville as in the original production of the opera. The setting, through the directors of the script, takes shoot for in Cuba, 1958. The music of the play comprises of Afro-Cuban ascent. In the current opera, which also has a slightly twisted theme setting has changed the roles which are played by the characters of the play (Currie & Horbart 15). Carmen in the plot practises Santeria. She works in a cigar factory, an element that makes the original Carmen and the latest have a marked similarity (Dolen). However, she assists the rebels hiding i n the mountains by smuggling guns for them. She also has a

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Hiring and Firing Staff Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hiring and Firing Staff - Essay ExampleCompanies take to hire staffs for expansion program or simply to fill vacancies. In line with this activity, employers try to go down corporate standards in order to perform successfully and achieve its goals. Hiring qualified applicants to perform the job is one. The applicants in order to perform the task need to pass the standard. It is therefore thought that the search criteria set by employers is the essence of hiring standards (Outtz, 2005, p.201-336). In a very dynamic job like sales, in hiring an agent for instance, it is classic to understand the skills, attitudes, interests and motivations of the applicant (Butler, 2004). Applicants with desirable qualities suited to company standard have the chance of getting leased and to sign a contract. Within this contract a certain relationship is developed between employer and employee as further enhanced by obligations and economic aspects (Holland and Burnett, 2007, p. 17-50). There are di fferent ways touch on in hiring the best and qualified employee for the job. Thus, it is important to know the process involved in it. Zoltners et al. (2001, p.160-190) discussed six steps involved in the hiring process especially on a very dynamic group. Hiring process especially on sales force requires the job definition as the first step, then candidates profile, applicant pool, selection, attraction and rating and improvement. The whole steps involved in this hiring process according to Zoltners et al. (2001, p.160-190) affect the quality of the hired employees.

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Intermediate sport management (sport events) Essay

Intermediate delight management (sport lineamentfuls) - rise ExampleSuch dilemma has appeared in the case of Beijing surpassing Games of 2008. The findings of studies developed on this upshot seem to be controversial. The effectiveness of the above event is evaluated in this paper by referring to the literature and the semiempirical studies that mystify published in this field. The key finding of the watch is that the specific event can be characterized as successful even if the problems appeared during the development of the events Strategic Plan have been many, as analyzed below. 2.0 Introduction The effectiveness of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is reviewed in this paper. A qualitative research mount has been used for reviewing the various aspects of the specific event. A series of studies published in the academic literature has been reviewed in order to check whether the above sport event has been successful or not. Specific aspects of the particular event are set as prio rities in this study merchandise, Operations Quality and Performance, Legal and Ethical issues, Finance, human race Resources and Media. Certain articles published in the local and international press have been also employed, for providing additional information, where necessary, on the issue under examination. The main body of this study has been divided into two parts Discussion and Findings. In the first of these parts, the Discussion part, the findings of the literature related to this studys subject are presented, being categorised in order for the coherency of the study to be secured. These findings are then evaluated in the second part of the main body, the Findings section, in order to decide whether the management techniques used for managing the above sport event have been successful or not. The findings of the literature review are supported by graphs included in this studys Appendix. Conclusions in regard to the issues discussed through the paper are provided in the F indings section in this way, all(prenominal) conclusions are appropriately supported while any gaps, as revealed through the literature, are highlighted. 3.0 Discussion 3.1 Marketing Marketing, as part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, can be evaluated by referring to two, different, facts the popularity of the specific event as it was in progress and the popularity of the city after the end of the particular event. The Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 can be considered as a major event for Chinas public image. In fact, since the end of the Olympics the numerate of tourists that have visited the region has reached impressive levels in 2011 about 4.61 million people visited the city, a number that it is quite high (Blanchard and Fan 2012). Gibson, Qi and Zhang (2008) tried to identify the level at which a major sport event can be used as a tool for improving the image of the hosting country. The case of Beijing Olympics is used as an example. A survey was developed in Athens among c ollege students during the Athens Olympic Games of 2004. The objective of the survey was to show whether the intention to start to China could be influenced by the Olympics in Beijing. It was turn up that, indeed, a relationship could exist between the hosting of a major sport event and the intention to travel to the hosting country. The above relationship is presented in the graph included in Figure 1,

Working capital management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Working capital management - Essay examplee philosophy but most of the part of my research follow realism approach as this recognise the importance of chthonianstanding bulks socially constructed interpretations, understand the social forces, structures and processes that influence and peoples view and behaviors.Realism is based on the belief that a reality exists that is independent of charitable thoughts and beliefs. However realism shargons some philosophical aspect with positivism and it also recognises that people are non object to be studied in style of natural science.Under realism approach, my research select has used case study method to analyse the research question due to the following implicit in(p) benefits. Case studies involve extensive direct contact between the researcher and the individuals or circumstances under study. It involves a few individual or company to make the intense detail collection processes a more than feasible task. Case study might involve the actual incident that has happened in a company or a personal experience of an individual. Case study can also be carried over of a situation or a process. Illustration of case study research whitethorn also happen to be more qualitative than more quantitative. In case of cross-sectional study, it is more general in nature and involves of collection of info as regards quantum of bank lending to SMEs in UK and may not involve detailed analysis of a particular happening in a company or faced by an individual.According to the positivists understanding of the phenomena is solely grounded on sense data that is what can not be tested empirically can not be regarded as proven. logical positivism has no value judgments and has statements which can be tested scientifically. According to this philosophy statements are valid if they are grounded on observation, observations (from experiments) must be repeatable and all experiments should use scientific method. It ignores the social proces ses which are reducible to relationship between the actions of

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How managemnet team cam have agood fight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How managemnet team cam have agood raise up - Essay ExampleFrom this perspective it was argued that from these disagreements comes a better range of opinions which as necessary to effectively work on in todays business environment. However, this conflict often becomes unproductive and it is the task of managers to keep the healthy disagreements from evolving into dysfunctional conflict. The composition highlighted that in the past, a case study was conducted on top management teams in technology establish companies. Conflict was non really observed in four of the twelve companies and of the remaining companies four had effectively managed to avoid interpersonal conflict and the other four had been un lucky in this endeavour.The authors of the study had identified that the successful companies (That we equal to separate substantive issues from interpersonal issues) had exemplified six tactics which were that they worked with more information and debated on the creation of facts, they developed multiple alternatives, they shared commonly agreed upon goals, they maintained a balanced power structure, and they were able to resolve issues without having to force consensus. As such the focus of the paper was based on delineating the strengths of these aforementioned characteristics.In regards to basing discussion on current, factual information, it is a common belief that generating more information and working with in addition much data is likely to increase the likelihood of conflict by providing more issues for debate. However the paired generally held true insofar as having good data encourages people to focus on issues and not personalities. Several examples were given to highlight how this tactic held true but for a contrary argument it was postulated by the authors that in scenarios where there is a absence of quality information people tend to argue all over issues of opinion (Which is a foundation to interpersonal conflict). By avoiding scenarios wh ere management is forced

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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 34

Essay ExampleTheir movement is by hopping making them the largest animals to utilise such a locomotive mode. For them to hop properly they have presbyopic hide legs that make long jumps. At times they use their tails and the fore limbs to do crawl walking. They mickle reach a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour and when using moderate speed of e.g. 40 km/hr, they can go up to 2 kilometres (Judith 8 22).These animals have a pouch that they use in carrying their little ones for a period of about nine months. Kangaroos atomic number 18 of different types and they live in different habitats. on that point are the eastern gray ones that live in the east of Australia. They are particularly the heaviest and are in the main seen at night more than they are during the day. There is the red type that is found in almost all parts of Australia making it the most widely known. The other type is the ones in the west of Australia that are as well gray (Knox 42 100). They are however smal ler than their eastern counterparts and they are notably loud, come down and have males that have a distinct odour. They are therefore unique animals that need to be wellspring taken care of especially their habitats.Civil rights in the USA and especially rights in reference to murky mountain were the major centres of concern for Martin Luther King, Jr. (Kirk 2005). He is known to have championed the rights and freedom of the black people in the United States. he started his education in Georgia and after high school he went ahead to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree from a college where his father and grandfather also went through Morehouse College in 1948. Luther later went to study theology for three years and later went to Boston University for a doctorate which saw him awarded a degree in 1955.Luther by 1955 had become a top authorised of the NAACP an association that had been formed to champion the rights and freedoms of coloured people. He played a key role in the bus boy cott that went for 382 days and that saw the segregation rule

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Serious Game Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Serious Game Critique - Essay ExampleFarmville is a very universal halt all around the world. It is meant to improve the intellectual and the creative capacity of the user. Moreover, the environmental aspects associated with the second think of to improve the aptitude of people towards farming and environment. The game has been designed based on the traits of responsibility and regularity. For instance, if a vegetable is planted by the gamer in the morning, the player will have to return on a set time to irrigate it or harvest it so as to maintain the crop. It is the regular precaution and harvesting of the crops that advances one through the game. As I played the game, I felt that the game patently stimulates an encouraging stimulated change. The mouse clicks, through which the player plough, harvest and plant are perceived as expressions of hard work and dedication. The rewards of harvesting result in a lot of satisfaction through which a positive emotional status is created . I personally felt being proud of receiving the rewards of the labor that I put in. These rewards could further be used to enhance the farming area both qualitatively and quantitatively. As the game is played on the public forum, the farms can be showcased on the social media and can be compared with the farms of the virtual neighbors. This is an important social element associated with the game. It lets you boast over your achievement on the game in the virtual social space. Further as I good through the game, I discovered the game to be shallow in terms of its content. As the advanced stages I could not find the accomplish intellectually or emotionally empowering. The game becomes simpler and less laborious as one achieves more than rewards in the game. For instance, at later stages of the game the harvesting machine eases the player of the labour of clicking each square plot. so my experience the game fails in sustaining the emotional, physical and social excitement which it provides in the beginning. Thus at an advanced level game was delimiting the social and physical improvement of the user The game is obviously growing in its popularity. The provision for the current users to tempt the non-users through their facebook accounts severs as provision for its increasing popularity. These face book updates creates a state of obligation for others to join. The game thus can be found to be bound by the principles of obligation along with responsibility and regularity. The commercial success and the increasing popularity of the game suggest the success of the game in catering to the targeted audience. Farmville also bound its users by adding an ethical aspect to it. The game raised near one million dollars for the Haiti earthquake relief operations. This move could successfully bring in social and emotional change within the community of the gamers. They developed a feeling that they were playing for a social cause. This promoted more people to join the ga ming community and further bound the gamers together. The physical change that the game brought out in its gamers is however limited. The healthy physical, psychological and social development of any individual requires their active function in a variety of physical and social activities in the real time environment. For an individual to be healthy, happy, and productive, the integration of their physical activities, social interaction and

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

focusing - hear ExampleInternal forces of business surroundings admit strategy, employees and its own culture. External forces of business environment include government, climate, political and economic conditions. Business environment is of utmost importance to an organization and a manger has to organize while monitoring the external and internal sources of business environment and either change or bear on its operations in accordance to the changes in the business environment to remain successful and increase favorableness of the organization. If managers are able to keep a watch on its business environment, they can reach from opportunities addressable in the environment, they can counter the threats and weaknesses that are easy in the internal and the external business environment and further enhance the strength of the business. For example Managers need to continuously monitor the changes in the demographics of the country in which it is operating in so it can adjust its marketing and human resource activities accordingly and benefit from opportunities. ... People may have a desire to purchase a good or serving, just now their desire does not create a market. A market is created with a customer can be qualified as able to even out a purchasing transaction. Customers are only qualified to win a purchase if they have an existing need that needs to be satisfied, have the ability to make the purchasing transaction, have monetary resources to conduct the transaction and have the power to complete the transaction. Contemporary golf-club consists of connections between human beings market is a network that creates such connections by connecting buyers and sellers. When humans of the contemporary rescript interact with each other, they achieve wellbeing and the conditions of their life increases. Markets provide individuals with goods and services to satisfy their needs which garter in improving the conditions of individuals and leading to well being of the society. Works Cited Weimer, Arthur M. Business Administration An Introductory Management Approach. Homewood, Ill R.D. Irwin, 1966. Print. Paper 2 One of the major elements in the marketing mix is the place of dispersal of product. Distribution is regarded as the procedure through which a good or service is made available for the consumers to consume by a producer or business making that product or service (Longenecker 200). The activity of distribution can be conducted through direct and indirect methods. This form of transfer of products from the manufacturer to the consumer is conducted through one of the options of channels available to the producer. Channels are referred to as organizations that are dependant on other organizations and all these organizations combine

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Implanting Artificial Limb in the Body Term Paper

Implanting Artificial Limb in the Body - Term Paper patternAs healing occurs, the skin produces a pocket that gathers dirt which increases the probability of infection.Scientists are developing methods to ease make better connections between metal, bone, and flesh to reduce the risk of infection. They contend that an implant where bone-metal fusion has occurred prevents bacteria infecting the bone. As such, they concentrate on helping skin to form a firm closure active the embedded metal to reduce the risk of infection. They found deer antlers provided a clue about how to perform this. They do it by large pores in the bone just underneath the skin which helps the skin to stick. Scientists tuck a similarly porous shim underneath the skin which helps the tissue to close.Ultimately, scientists are seeking a issue that will last about 70 years. Nevertheless, the technology is not allowed in the U.S. yet. American scientists are essay to get authorization from the U.S. Food and Dru g Administration to transport this expertise home. Even with the risks involved, surgically deep-rooted prosthetics that attach likewise bone are more effective solutions than traditional prosthetics which often cause too much discomfort to be completely practical.We often regard technology as the brain-child of acquisition, and we assume that science juxtaposed to art. We do not think of its application like we think of performing arts or visual arts as creative, but in many ways, technology is an expression of human creativity. The change of scientific research, development, and implementation are profoundly creative by definition.Scientific research is creative in that it gleans applicable knowledge from nature. The act of filtering what is unimportant or insignificant out from what really matters in impairment of knowledge is creative in that the resultant understanding is synthesized from what is known and unknown. It is the process of teasing out what we desire from real ity creating a new reality

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Equus Reading Response Essay Example for Free

Equus Reading solution EssayShaffers play Equus is about Alan Strang and his perception on horses. Alan is currently being inured by a Martin Dysart, his psychiatrist, for blinding six horses. His psychiatrist tries to get Alan to explain what was going on and he eventually begins to open up. When Alan was a child, his mother was a Christian who read the bible to him every day. one(a) day, his father destroyed a provide of the crucifixion of Jesus and Alan decided to replace it with a picture of a horse. During Alans childhood, he grew an attraction towards horses from cowboy movies, his mothers stories, and his grandfathers jockey for horses. Later in the play, Alan gets a job at a stable and meets Jill Mason. Jill convinces Alan to have sex with the horses because of his attraction. In order to have sex with the horses, Alan stabs the horses eyes because he believed that they were Gods. He did not compliments the horses to see the sin he was about to commit to them.Alans early childhood affected the agency Alan thought about horses greatly. The picture of Jesus that was replaced confused him and he replaced Jesus with horses in his head. When his mother would place him stories from the bible, Alan had images of horses instead of images of Jesus. When he has sex with the horses, he stabs them in the eye because he believes that they are Gods. He did not want the Gods to see what he was about to do to them.

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Economic environment Essay Example for Free

Economic environment EssayThe country has been experiencing rapid economic growth out-of-pocket to the increasing crude prices. Oil and Gas account for more than 50% of its GDP, which is 70% of government revenues and 85% of its export earnings. Qatars GDP is $ 85. 35 billion, GDP growth drift is 11. 2% with and inflation rate of 15. 2%. Realizing this unhealthy dependency toward oil and gas, most of the economic policies of Qatar argon now focused on dealing with Qatars non-associated natural gas reserves and developing foreign and private investments in non-energy fields. The Katari Government has been actively encouraging foreign investments in non-oil sectors like power, telecommunication and real ground. The country is significantly influenced by the Free Trade Agreement which has made investments in non-oil sectors more attractive, including the tourism sector, real estate and trade sector. It is predicted that the flow of international investment in Qatar will incre ase due to this development program by the Katari government. Nevertheless, the amount of international investment in Qatar will remain on its oil and gas sector. Businesses from within the country also invest considerably on EU businesses.Furthermore, the government is super committed to privatization of most of its state-owned businesses, like telecommunications, power and water sector. A more detailed look on its trade activities revealed that the countrys largest slice of exports atomic number 18 large machineries like aircraft, power generator plant, mechanic appliances, medical equipment, electrical machineries, etc. Furthermore, the countrys investment and monetary environment is reported to be a source of concerns. This is true because high oil prices and strong economic growth has been accelerating the inflation take into a rate which is hard to tolerate.This has significant effect toward the real-estate and stock merchandises. The stock market has experienced a corr ection in 2006, but reports revealed that Qatar has much recovered from it. On the other hand, the real-estate prices have been rising to an grand rate. These increases are partly fueled by high real estate financings. It should be noted however, that the Qatari government has been limiting the overall exposure to this sector, and thus, a real estate sector shock is marvellous in the foreseeable future.Only prolonged low oil prices will dampen the development of the banking sector as well as other developing sectors in Qatar, and such occurrences are considered very strong to become a reality. 1. 1. 1. Cultural Environment The people of Qatar are highly educated people with an overall high sense of business. 90% of the population is literate and school life expectancy is 13 years, which is a high number in any region of the world. People speak Arabic, but English are commonly used as a second langu be on. The people of Qatar brood of quite diverse origins. 40% are Arabic, 18% a re Indians, another 18% are Pakistani, 10% are Iranian, etc. feeling expectancy is high and infant mortality rate a very low with beneficial age structure for business activities. 1. 2. Competitive Assessment Considering the highly create economy and the abundant economic resources, Qatar should be considered as a highly emulous environment. This is true considering the economic appeal that the country has toward western countries, including the European Union. Qatar has maintained a strong and positive relationship to the EU countries, which would naturally bring more watchfulness of EU businesses, to enter the Qatar markets.On the other hand, the Qataris themselves should be accounted as a possible source of tilt for retail and electronic products, especially the latter. As mentioned, Qatars most active sector recently is the electronic and machinery sector. Even though the machinery sector is not within the realm of competition with retail products, but the electronic sector in Qatar means significant competition from local players, especially when the sector is highly developed already. The positive aspect of expanding to Qatar is being one of the first foreign presences within the particular sector.Despite the competitive nature of the business environment, being one of the first players within the industry would significantly help the experience of Brookstone. 1. 3. Potential Target Market Assessment Almost 80% of the countrys population consist of people aged 15-64, which is an active consumer. Nevertheless, research indicated that the most likely consumers of Brookstone are business society, followed by the average out retail consumers. This is true considering Brookstones specialty in delivering customers with complete set retail choices, even the ones that are generally hard to find in the general market.I believe that taking account of the rapidly expanding economy in Qatar, such offerings from Brookstone will be welcomed warmly by the societ y. 2. Market Entry system In theory, it is safer for companies to follow the general steps of launching a foreign market. Those steps are precede exporting first, followed by joint ventures, establishing a sales representative and then establishing a full-fledged adjuvant within the region. Nevertheless, considering the retail nature of the business, it is highly crucial for Brookstone to have the first appearance in the market as trustworthy provider of peoples needs.Therefore, a more direct approach by establishing stores within Qatar markets is a more suitable method for Brookstone. Nevertheless, several adjustments would be necessary considering that the company is entering a country with significantly different cultures and sensitive political views. It is important for Brookstone marketing managers to enter the lives of its customers and date their perspectives in relation to retail matters. That understanding could be used to create a more efficacious and market-reachin g in-store marketing programs or out-of-store promotional programs.

Interm Acct Essay Example for Free

Interm Acct Essay1. What is the delimit distinction between for-profit businesses and not-for-profit, including governments? What are the implications of this distinction for fiscal reportage? Governments and not-for-profits provide services that are targeted to groups of constituents who incite a political or social cause or who carry out research or other activities for the betterment of society. The objectives of governments and not-for-profits cannot generally e expressed in dollars and cents and are often ambiguous. Government and not-for-profit confirm relationships (unlike with a business) with the parties providing their resources. 2. Why is the budget a far more important document in twain governments and not-for-profits than it is in businesses? Revenues and expenditures are controlled or strongly influenced through the budgetary process.3. What is meant by interperiod equity? What is its consequences for pecuniary reporting? The term interperiod equity is the conc ept that emphasizes that entities should not transfer costs eve to future years, let only future generations. 4. Why may the matching concept be less relevant for governments and not-for-profits than it is for businesses? 5. What is the significance for financial reporting of the many restrictions that are placed upon a governments resources?6. Why is it problematical to excogitate accounting principles that are appropriate for governments within the same category and even more difficult to rise them for governments within different categories? 7. What is the significance for financial reporting of a governments power to revenue enhancement? How does it affect the governments overall financial strength? 8. Why has it proven especially difficult to establish accounting principles that enable governments to satisfy all three elements of GASBs first objective of financial reporting in a single statement of revenue and expenditures or balance sheet?

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Science and Technology Essay Example for Free

Science and Technology EssayAlthough Kerala had been existing from pre-historic time downstairs non-homogeneous other names like Malabar, Malankara, Malayalam, Chera-nad, Cheralam, etc. it had not been a single governmental unit ever. The narrow strip of land, forming Kerala was divided into a number of small princely states gutter 1956, when various regions inhabited by Malayalam-speaking people, were unified. Even though, people in this territory dreamed of a single, united policy-making unit for a long time, realization of that dream was impossible in earlier centuries, as distinguishable dynasties and local war-lords and European empire-builders, kept the land divided. Boundaries of the princely states changed, as wars between them were frequent. Thus, Kerala, throughout its history had been a divided land till half-a-century ago. Kerala being geographically isolated from the rest of India due to the long muckle range along its eastern border (The Western Ghats), had never become an integral part of any of the numerous empires and kingdoms which ruled the rest of India.Invaders like Hyder and Tipu Sulthan could not succeed in conquering the stallion stretch of land and make it part of their empire. Cholas and Pandyas besides could not keep Kerala under their power for long. Europeans also could possess only portions of Kerala, under them for limited periods. Thus, there never was a unified Kerala, as a political entity, in the long history of India, till spousal relationship in modern times. When finally it happened, unification of Kerala was enforced. Travancore wanted to become an independent nation with sovereignty a sovereign state, fully self brass and independent in foreign affairs. Advocating an American model government, Travancore had declared independence unilaterally just before the British granted freedom to India.But, that dream of a separate country in the Indian molar continent, did not become a reality. Other princely states in India also had to abandon their dreams similarly. Under the tonic set-up that was emerging in India, all princely states had to give up their claims to sovereignty and merge with the Indian Union. So, under pressure, Travancore and Cochin princely states were unified in 1949. And it was made a state in the Republic of India on 26 January 1950. Still, only about half of Kerala was unified.The other half, called Malabar Revenue Division, continued to be part of Madras state, till re-organization of states on the basis of diction, was carried out on 1 November 1956. Formation of modern Kerala, on the basis of the language (Malayalam) spoken in the territory,was thus an enforced affair. Even though the privileged people in the senescent regimes tried to resist the unification and formation of Kerala, the majority of the people welcomed it.

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DNS servers Essay Example for Free

DNS legions EssayName resolution requests, such as navigating in studentserver. college. edu, can be initiated by both DNS clients and DNS servers. There are two ways to fragment queries in the FQDN recursive (where the DNS client requires the DNS server to respond with the IP address of the request or an error communicate that the requested style does not exist) and iterative (which uses zone information and its cache to return the best assertable answer to the client and can be referred to another DNS server). The process of resolving DNS to resolve the FQDN involves1. sending a recursive query to the local DNS server 2. checking its local cache to determine whether the name has recently been resolved. If in that respect is an entry in the local cache, the IP address is returned to the client before forwarding the request to a root server 3. sending an iterative query to a root name server if no entry exists in the cache for a hostname 4. the root name server referring t he DNS server to a name server responsible for the first-level domain within the hostname 5.referring the original DNS server to second-level DNS servers, and then third-level DNS servers, until one of them can resolve the hostname to an IP address and return the results back to the client. For DNS forwarders, the following process is followed 1. The DNS server attempts to resolve the request using its local cache and zone information 2. If it cant be resolved locally, the DNS server sends a recursive query to the forwarding DNS server 3. If the forwarder does not respond in its attempt to resolve the query, the DNS server attempts to resolve the request by contacting the appropriate DNS server, as specified in the root hints.

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Platos Apology Essay Example for Free

Platos Apology EssayPlatos The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates speech, however, is by no means an apology in our modern understanding of the word. The name of the dialogue derives from the Greek apologia, which translates as a defense, or a speech made in defense. Thus, in The Apology, Socrates attempts to defend himself and his conductcertainly not to apologize for it. For the virtually part, Socrates speaks in a very plain, dialogueal manner.He explains that he has no experience with the justness courts and that he will instead speak in the manner to which he is accustomed with h cardinalsty and directness. He explains that his behavior stems from a prophecy by the oracle at Delphi which claimed that he was the rationalst of all men. Recognizing his ignorance in most worldly affairs, Socrates con cluded that he must be wiser than other men only in that he knows that he knows nothing. In order to spread this peculiar wisdom, Socrates explains that he considered it his duty to question supposed wise men and to expose their false wisdom as ignorance.These activities earned him much admiration amongst the youth of Athens, further much hatred and anger from the people he embarrassed. He cites their contempt as the reason for his creation put on trial. Socrates then proceeds to interrogate Meletus, the man primarily responsible for bringing Socrates to begin with the jury. This is the only instance in The Apology of the elenchus, or cross-examination, which is so central to most Platonic dialogues. His conversation with Meletus, however, is a poor example of this method, as it seems more directed toward embarrassing Meletus than toward arriving at the truth.In a famous passage, Socrates likens himself to a gadfly stinging the lazy horse which is the Athenian state. Without him, Socrates claims, the state is liable to mistake into a deep sleep, but through his influenceirritating as it may be to someit can be wakened into fatty and virtuous action. Socrates is found guilty by a narrow margin and is asked to propose a penalty. Socrates facetiously suggests that if he were to get what he deserves, he should be honored with a great meal for organism of such service to the state.On a more serious note, he rejects prison and exile, offering peradventure instead to pay a fine. When the jury rejects his suggestion and sentences him to death, Socrates stoically accepts the verdict with the observation that no one but the gods know what happens after death and so it would be foolish to fear what one does not know. He also warns the jurymen who voted against him that in silencing their critic rather than listening to him, they ache harmed themselves much more than they have harmed him.

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Employment Law Compliance Essay Example for Free

Employment Law Compliance EssayOur client, Bradley Stonefield, is planning to open a limousine service, Landslide Limousines, in the Austin, Texas area. Mr. Stonefield plans to hire approximately twenty-five people to endure first class raptus to a variety of clientele. Before Mr. Stonefield begins hiring it is imperative that he has an understanding of applicable employment laws. Title vii of the Civil Rights take on of 1964 (Title heptad) is a well-known and widely used federal anti- variation law (LaMance, n. d. ). Title VII crop it illegal for employers to discriminate against someone based on their race, religion, national origin or come alive (U. S. EEOC, 2014). The Act as well made it illegal for employers to retaliate against a person who files a complaint of discrimination or participates in a discrimination investigation (U. S. EEOC, 2014). An employer who violates Title VII may find themselves subjected to a number of legal consequences such as having to pay l arge sums for damages and being required to conform the comp alls policies (LaMance, n. d. ). To debar violating Title VII Mr. Stonefield and his managers should treat all employees and appli derrierets equally without regard to any characteristics except job performance (HR Specialist, 2013).The Texas Payday Law covers all business entities in the state of Texas, regardless of surface except public employers such as the state or federal government (TWC, 2013). This law gives the Texas custody Commission (TWC) the authority to enforce wage laws and investigate wage claims (TWC, 2013). Texas Payday Law covers compensation for services rendered, commissions and bonuses, and veritable other fringe benefits according to a written agreement with or policy of the employer (TWC, 2013).The law states that employers moldiness pay employees for all hours worked and these wages must be received by the employee no later than payday (TWC, 2013). If the employer lays off, discharges or fires an employee they must pay all wages owed to that employee within six calendar days of the visualise of insularity (TWC, 2013). If an employee voluntarily quits or retires their final payment of wages is due to them on the payday following the date of separation (TWC, 2013). If an employer violates the Texas Payday Law they may be fined the lesser of the wages claimed or $1,000 (TWC, 2013).To avoid violating this law Mr. Stonefield should make certain(a) that employees are paid for all hours worked and that all wages due are paid to employees on time. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act applies to all employers that employ twenty or to a greater extent employees (U. S. EEOC, 2008). The Act states that it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his or her age with respect to any term, contain or privilege of employment, including hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, compensation, benefits, job assignments and training (U. S. EEOC, 2008).Violating the Age Discri mination in Employment Act elicit cause the business to incur legal liability and require payment of large monetary judgments (Mayfair, n. d. ). Mr. Stonefield and his managers can avoid violating this Act by never taking a persons age or proximity to retirement into consideration when making decisions about hiring, firing, pay, benefits or promotions (HR Specialist, 2013). The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prohibits an employer from knowingly hire, recruit or refer for pay any person who is unauthorized to work in the United States (Boston University, n. d.). If an employer violates this law they can be fined from $100 to $1,000 and the fine is not just for the employer but also for each employee working for them illegally (Boston University, n. d. ). There is also the possibility of imprisonment for employers that are deemed to show a pattern of violating this Act (Boston University, n. d. ). To avoid violating the Immigration Reform and Control Act Mr. Stonefield mu st verify the individuality and employment eligibility of each employee he hires. He must complete and retain a complete INS shape I-9 documenting this verification (Boston University, n.d. ). Conclusion It is important that Mr. Stonefield and his management team understand that labor laws were passed in order to provide protection for both employees and employers. That is why the government puts so much emphasis on making sure organizations take them seriously by enforcing the laws with strict consequences for noncompliance. Staying in compliance with these laws is not only important to avoid legal penalties but will also protect the business from gaining a negative public icon that can be extremely damaging to their bottom line.

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Historical Book Analysis Assignment Essay Example for Free

Historical Book Analysis identification EssayHistory, it has often been said, is as much a story of individual people as it is of places, events and big circumstances. This is especi every(prenominal)y true when considering pivotal figures from Ameri piece of ass autobiography, for in the stories of pivotal diachronic figures, the saga of the growth of America enkindle often be seen. Such is the case with first chick, political activist and womens rights pioneer Abigail Adams and causation Ameri hindquarters slave, orator and anti-slavery advocate Frederick Douglass.It is with these two prominent historic figures in mind that two historical books about them, Dearest Friend A Life of Abigail Adams and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave go away be discussed. Upon conclusion of the research, not only will two historical icons be better understood, except also, two key works about these people will be as well. Main theatrical role of Each Work A s was mentioned in the Introduction to this paper, two historical books as well as the people who were the main characters of those books would be discussed.Understanding the books first requires an understanding of the backgrounds of each of these main characters respectively. Abigail Adams, for all of the achievements that her heart would hold, was not the product of fine universities or finishing schools rather, she was for the most part an educated woman, and someone who feature a great give care of inner drive and instinct, which more than made up for the lack of imposing education.The wife of John Adams, who was a founding father of the United States and would eventually become president of the nation, Abigail managed the family farm, took oversee of the children, and showed a great streak of independence epoch John, early in his political career, was compelled to travel internationally. Abigail shared out her husbands passion for American independence, with one glarin g exception- she did not subscribe to the idea that all men were created equal. For Abigail, there certainly was room to tolerate slavery, but this is not to say that Abigail felt the said(prenominal) about gender issues.One could fairly classify Abigail as a feminist, which she continued to advocate when she attended her husband to the White House. Overall, while not perfect, Abigail Adams contributed a great deal to the convey of womens rights and by some accounts, aided her husband significantly during his presidency (Withey). Like Abigail Adams, Frederick Douglass was not the most formally educated man, but through sheer determination and a high level of natural intelligence, in prison term became one of the most articulate men in America, slave or free (Douglass).Early demonstrate of Douglass yearning for freedom and equality in a nation which promised this but only delivered to select races can be seen in his escape from slavery and refuge in northern free territory as a y oung man. This escape not only allowed him to pursue his own destiny, but also allowed him to assay the same for every man, with the abolition of slavery as Douglass main ambition. In fact, it was Douglass personal experience as a slave which gave him the credibility and passion that he required in order to be fit to see the abolition of slavery to completion.Historical Events that Involved the Main Characters of Each Work When comparing Adams and Douglass, it can fairly be said that each of them were similarly exposed to extraordinary circumstances that inspired them to action, while being impaired to a certain extent by limitations that society attempted to place on them. In both cases as well, each of these individuals used that adversity not as a barricade to future progress, but as a catapult to bigger and better things.Abigail Adams entered the stage of American level at a time when the role of the president as well as first lady was far from well defined, as well as a tim e when women were largely regarded as subordinates to their husbands and not worthy of equal opportunities or education. In the midst of all of these circumstances, Adams devoted a great deal of her energies in assisting her husband-some say too much- in the duties of the presidency and set the protocol for first ladies to come. Also, Adams chose as her cause the equality of women in all areas of society, making her an early pioneer for womens equality.Like Adams, Frederick Douglass came upon the American movie at a time when pivotal issues were still undecided for all of the talk of liberty and referee for all, Douglass had to flee from an environment whereby he was owned, like property, by another human being, as were tens of thousands of other African-Americans. Also, Douglass intrepidly spoke out against the evils of slavery, and became an influential resource for none other than Abraham Lincoln, who would become known in history as The Great Emancipator.

Drew Sterling to replace Josh Newly In upcoming concerts Essay Example for Free

draw greatest to replace Josh Newly In upcoming concerts EssayThe City Symphony will be showcasing the upcoming talents of Drew superior in the following deuce concerts. Mr. Sterling replaces the internationally renowned singer, Josh Newly. While Mr. Newlys talents have been greatly appreciated in past concerts, the City Symphony has decided to utilize this opportunity to allow Drew Sterling to shine in both concerts as the baritone voice soloist.Mr. Newly has graced many orchestras around-the-world with his genuine consecrate as a soloist. Consequently, his talents are both known and respected internationally. Thus, it is understandable that Josh Newly is a very popular artist who is able to sell out concerts. Sadly, Mr. Newly will not be able to perform at this years concerts due to prior engagements. The City Symphony wishes that the media regard its desires to not discuss this topic. If Mr. Newly desires to address the media concerning this matter, then he will do so in his own time.On another note, we are happy to announce Mr. Drew Sterling as the baritone soloist. We feel that Mr. Sterling has earned the opportunity to shine in the spotlight. The City Symphony further believes that Mr. Sterling is a fresh and upcoming talent that will have fans on the edge of their seats. In addition, Mr. Sterling is a professional who has given the City Symphony the privilege of showcasing his talent in the next two concerts. Thus, Mr. Sterling will be available for questions and answers (QA) on Friday morning. We are hoping that you can feature this Press hold out in your afternoon column as it requires the most urgent attention.

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A mom before the Prom Essay Example for Free

A mom before the Prom seekTeen pregnancy has been gravelly increased in the last few years. Bad media influences (Many programs at TV programs or sexual content movies as well as other mediums) can be the factors that immatureage girls nowadays are getting a wrongfulness advice that teen motherhood can a park way to reside.Partners and friendss bad influence is making them think that is right to buzz off sex at a young age and will make them feel more popular. In that regards, this essay by Cristina page is reliefating the issue that more forms of bad media and wrong peoples influences are available like a shot than ever before and consequently teens girls are much more exposed to a lot of education and these some clips switch teen girls mind to do something wrong when they think is alone normal and it also has made teen girls to believe that having children at a young age exponent be beneficial because they think giving a child for adoption baron improve their endang erment giving them away for millions of dollars , so it cant ruin her adolescence too but in universe it can really affect them. Personally I can manage the view of the author in this essay Teen pregnancy is in reality one of the most difficult experiences a teen girl might ever face when that can interrupt her education or other plans such(prenominal) as getting a better career or maintain fathers with them, but most of the time it doesnt work and thats when the situation gets worse.Children usually grow without a father figure when their parents have them at a very young age or sometimes they wear downt withal live with both parents because they cant command care of them or support them economically. So when this children get under ones skin to live without a parental guide , they grow adopting a bad behavior and getting the wrong advices from other bad people and turned into criminals , stealers, or other people of bad reputation because they live in a poor ambient with out having a parent who can guide and help them to rise up their levels of education. Most of the time, when teen moms decide to have a baby, teen girls dont really take care of their babies when they are still formatting inside their body as old mothers and because of their immaturity, sometimes they dont realize the huge damage they cause to their babies if they start smoking and drinking or working so hard because now they need to support themselves economically carrying heavy stuff when they have to rest the most during their pregnancy.Children are tending to born prematurely, with a disease, a mental retardation or withal born death. Usually we think that theres not any difference of acquiring the aforementioned(prenominal) standards of education or a good life when a kids parents are so young and the others parent are more mature. The children of teen parents can suffer more of abuse at home and at school or disregard from their parents and grow more with farawayness or adopt a bad behavior, so that implies that they could not do so well at school, they could get lower grades and repeat their classes or drop out from High School without completing their education.This might increase the raise of poverty in families with young parents too and this leads society into decreasing its economy too. I really enjoyed reading this essay because it deals with a controversial issue and restates the causes of why teen pregnancy is suitable a worldwide problem, it must be thought in class so we can share our own viewpoints about it. 10-) I encourage people to consider more this issue because if we want a better life for our

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The Agrotourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

The Agrotourism In Malaysia Tourism EssayAgrotourism is as hearty as known as agritourism and advance-based tourism. Agrotourism is really the collaborations between tourism and market-gardening since the visitor go to exitling as touring car to enjoy, relaxation, spend time and money for joyfullness and felicity in addition to visiting agricultural bea, doing agricultural-related activities like harvest-festival, planting, slanting, and etc. It is a form of tourism in agricultural aras such as plantations, agrofores sepa set go forth creates, herbal farms and animal farms. According to World Tourism Organisation (WTO, 2002) that agrotourism is fictitious character of hoidenish tourism and relates to tourism on farms. It spreads farmers the opportunities to expand their activities and also to gain their income. Agrotourism is just a pure part of rural tourism and agricultural f atomic number 18 introductionwide, excluding in some European countries such as Aus tria, France, Italy and Switzerland, where the number of farms that offer some form of tourism is remarkably large. Agrotourism has different definitions in different separate of the man. In Italy, it refers to farmstays. However in other parts of the world, agrotourism includes a wide range of activities which comprises of buying al crushed direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, picking fruits, devoteing animals or staying at a BB (bed and breakfast inn) on a farm.Agrotourism covers a wide range of agriculture-related activities around which visitors learn and substructure try them out by themselves. In ASEAN countries like Thailand, rice farming, flower growing, veg and herb cultivation and gillyflower farming are some common examples of agrotourism. Agrotourists or visitors are exposed to agricultural practices in a more leisure fashion, such as by joining picturesque bearal tours or strolling through and through shady fruit orchards (tasting the fruits righ t from the trees) and working in rice farms. Almost all the agricultural research and study focuss scattered throughout the country are supporting the agrotourism. Visitors are allowed to tour the subject matters, watch the demonstrations or take part in the hands on activities. Agrotourism and ecotourism are also closely-related. Agrotourism is when a native psyche or guideical anaesthetic anesthetics of the area offer the tours to their agriculture farm to allow a person to view them growing, harvesting and processing topical anaestheticly braggart(a) intellectual nourishments such as coconuts, pineapple, sugar great deale, corn or any take a leak the person would not encounter in their home country. The farmers would also offer a homestay programme and nurture for the visitors.Activities that usually be offered to agrotourists or visitorsOpportunities for interaction between hosts and guests (visitors)Horseback ridingDemonstrating and participating in cursory farm wo rkProviding courses in organic farming and gardeningDemonstrating or offering classes in fashioning traditional local craftsDemonstrating food processing, serving typical local dishes and offering cooking lessonsOrganising cultural events religious offering excursions to natural and cultural pull outions in the surroundingsExhibitions of agrotourist productsAgrotourism in some European countries consists primarily of lodging and meals on the farm. Farm buildings are often re mildewed by the farm families into rustic lodging facilities, and operate them as a font of bed and breakfast (BB) inn. Some farms e specificly in Switzerland, do little more than un phthisisd out a barn and spread straw on the floor, upon which people roll out dormancy bags. Other farms leave provide fairly upscale accommodations for the visitors. Visitors are also able to tour the farms, support out with some farm chores and use up meals with the farm family. Invariably, they experience life on the far m genuinely.In England, 23% of farms provide some type of commercial leisure service enterprise such as fishing, nature trails, picnic sites and so forth whereas 24% of English farms provide overnight accommodation and/or adding (Turner and Winter, 2003). In countries like France, hikers and cyclists burn follow a network of trails around the country that leads from farm to farm. In the Netherlands and some other European countries, the farmers have centralized clearinghouses for contacting and booking stays service on working farms. Agrotourism, while new to some(prenominal) types of American agriculture, has been a major(ip) part of the development of the American wine industry for decades. Many wineries are part of organized regional wine tours, and some special events such as concerts, festivals, and weddings are also held for attractions. And other form of agrotourism that has been around for decades is dude ranches. Dude ranches are more common in the United States and Au stralian Outback. It offers visitors the opportunity to work on cattle ranches and the run a risk to take part in the cattle drives.In Australia, Canada and the Philippines, agrotourism is deemed as a harvest-time industry. Reynolds (2005) mentions that agrotourism is a type of barteres conducted by farmers whose working agricultural operations for the enjoyment and education of visitors. Since it can complement farmers income and contri ande to local scotch development, agrotourism is being conceptualized as a business model in terms of product diversification. Referred to as agriturismo in Italy, sleeping in the straw in Switzerland, farmstays in New Zealand, and farm holidays in England, agrotourism is soundly established throughout Europe and in many other countries (Rilla, 1999a). Agrotourism enterprise as a business conducted by a farm operator or farmer for the enjoyment and education of the prevalent beside promoting the products of the farm, and generating supereroga tory farm income (Hilchey, 19934). Although the farmers may not always have the time, moneys and necessary aptitudes and expertise to develop the tourism possible of their business, agriculture and public sector tourism organizations are always promoting agrotourism (Stephen J. and Getz, Don (eds)).Trends of AgrotourismAgrotourism was recognized as a part of ecotourism formerly as both have similar principles to conduct nature attractions (Rilla 1999). Both have been identified as the fastest tourism development model in the world. They have been widely veritable in developing countries as a potential development models as natural resources and support of local society economically (OTA, 1992).At the moment, agrotourism has successfully developed in many countries, for instance Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Australia, and Austria (Rilla 1999). In Indonesia, there are eight provinces trying to develop agrotourism such as North Sumatera with rubber and medal plant ations, Riau with cacao plantations, West Java by botanical gardens, Central Java and Daerah Istimewa Yogjakarta by salak pondoh agrotourism in Sleman, tocopherol Java by sugar plantations, Nusa Tenggara Barat by Rinjani ecotourism, Middle of Kalimantan and West of Kalimantan by palm plantations. Currently, they are inactive simply managed with limited facilities and are not developed on community-based model, and have not been hygienic promoted (Indonesian husbandry incision, 2005).Previously, agrotourism attraction was only interpreted as panorama attractions and plantations area, but now agrotourism has been interpreted as a linkage system between tourism and agriculture sectors as well as a model of region development (Indonesia Agriculture Department, 2005).Application of AgrotourismAgrotourism is highly dependent on the type of agricultural exercise that is practiced in that particular area. In other words, this means that not all agrotourism destinations in the world pr ovide the same agricultural activities. So in this subtopic, we are going to introduce and discuss to the highest degree some famous agrotourism destinations in our country, Malaysia. This exit definitely exposed us the similarities and differences among the agrotourism destinations throughout the world.First of all, let us look at Malaysias agrotourism spots. there are some famous examples of destinations such as(i) Cameron highland(ii) Taman Pertanian Sabah(iii) Parit Jawa Johor(i) Cameron alpineCameron Highlands is Malaysias premier hill resort. Located in the state of Pahang, on the Main Range of peninsular Malaysia, at 1524m above sea direct, it is the largest of the Malaysian hill resorts. Much of its appeal lies in the net straggly afternoon tea plantations which date back to 1929, as well as terraced flower gardens, strawberry farms, orchard and vegetable gardens. Being a familiar hill resort, Cameron Highlands is well-developed with visitor amenities, tourist attrac tions, activities and a range of accommodation for a comfortable, leisurely holiday in cool invigorating climate.The cool climate which never ranged more than 20 degree Celsius, along with its fertile nastiness also attracts tourist from various places. Initially, the virgin jungle exculpated for cultivation of tea bushes. Thus began Boh Estate, the first highland tea plantation in the country. Subsequently, other tea estates were opened, among them, the Blue Valley and Bharat plantations. The highland was also found to be conducive for the commercial cultivation of vegetables, flowers and fruits such as oranges and strawberries. The increasing popularity of Cameron Highlands in recent years has attracted the development of more tourism facilities and spots to cater to the growing number of visitors.The practice of agrotourism can be observed in various agricultural places which is well equipped with facilities in Cameron Highlands. This is important as the combination of both agr iculture and tourist attraction forms agrotourism. There are many activities and places to be visited in Cameron Highlands in the context of agrotourism such as(a) Sungai Palas tea leaf EstateIt is one of the four tea states on the highlands, also produces the world famous BOH TEA. Tourists may travel 1 km into this estate where the factory is located. Resident guides volition introduce the complex processes involved in the production of fragrant tea. These include the picking of tea leaves and the intricate art of brewing a effectual cup of tea. Tourists can even purchase some tea, the main produce of the highland, as a souvenir.(b) Apiary- honeybee FarmApiary- Honeybee farm is a keen cottage industry for the production of honey. It is a garden ere some 25 varieties of flowers have been cultivated not for sale, but as a food add together for honey bees in search of nectar and pollen. Honey, believe it contain amazing ingredients for treating ailments such as insomnia, letharg y, fur diseases and even impotence.(c) Strawberry FarmStrawberries are another unique and proud product of the Highlands, actualisen as a trademark of the hill resort. The variety is known as FRESNO. Tourist will not leave the farm without a jar of strawberry jam.(d) Flower NurseriesFresh flowers are cultivated in the highlands and are a leading export. Most of the flowers are grown in Brinchang. Bloom like roses, chrysanthemum, carnations, dahlia, geranium and everlasting flowers are grown in the nurseries. No visit to the highlands is complete without purchasing some of these colourful cuts to take back home.(e) veg FarmCameron Highlands is the nations prime producer of fresh vegetables, with some of the produce exported to neighbouring countries. Most of the vegetable farms can be spotted from the road along Brinchang to Tringkap. Cabbages, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, leeks, parsley and pepper are grown here. Purchases can be make at the vegetable stalls.(ii) Taman Pertani an SabahTaman Pertanian Sabah is part of the 1500 acres of the Agriculture Research Station, Lagud Sebrang Tenom which is administered and owned by the Agriculture Department Sabah. It is a complex consisting of the Agriculture Research Station, Seed production pith for Cash Crop, Farmers Training Centre and Taman Pertanian Sabah itself. The Park sprawled over an area of 500 acres. The pose was first opened to visitors in October 2000, and was officially launched by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on the 25 March, 2001.With its rich biodiversity, the Park has a magnificent charm for indigenous and introduced plants species. It is also a conservation centre for native Orchids of Borneo. This park would become a heritage for the next generation and this will help to educate people in nature conservation and the conservation of natural rainforest through cultivation of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.The lush greenery, multitude species of plants o r flowers of endemic to Borneo Island and genuinely rare, panoramic view of the lakes, captivating landscaped gardens provide an excellent base to expand your knowledge and specimen surroundings for those who seek peace, quiet and tranquility away from stressed and urban noise. This park also provides a nifty trekking ground as well as nature walks and jungle activities. The park is blessed with Mother Natures treasures.The park is a showcase of integrated activities carried out by all the Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture Development and food for thought Industry. It also serves as a training and education centre for agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, seed production, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry. It is carve up into four key areas(a) AgricultureThis include Living Crop Museum, Demonstration Farms, Agro forestry, Bee Centre and Germplasm collection.(b) HorticultureThis include natural Orchid Centre, Hybrid Orchid, Evolution garden, Mod el Garden and Ornamental Garden(c) Animal HusbandryThis included Animal Park and Animal Farm.(d) FisheriesThis included Freshwater Fishing.Objectives of Taman Pertanian Sabah are firstly, as a major Agrotourism centre in the state. Secondly, to provide demonstration farms for Agricultural activities, Animal breeding and Fisheries. Thirdly, to serve as a centre for training and demonstration on Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery, Apiculture, Seed Technology, Forestry and Animal Husbandry. Next is to provide facilities for nature-based recreational activities and the final heading is to promote awareness and love for nature.(iii) Parit Jawa JohorThe following agrotourism destination that i recommended is a place which situated On the western coast of Johor, lies a small townspeople called Parit Jawa. The main attraction here specially during the October-March migration season, is the razzlife. condescension the busy river mouth near the jetty the bird fauna seems unperturbed. The most noticeable of the birds are the lesser Adjutants of the family of Storks, by sheer virtue of their endangered status and size. Standing at 120 cm tall, with a white body and heavy grey wings this species is unmistakable. Its head is virtually bald, apart from a sparse covering of fine hair-like feathers. There are only 2000 odd numbers left over(p) in the world and its cousin, the Greater Adjutant, not found in Malaysia, is critically endangered with only 500 odd left in the wild. To be able to sight these amazing prehistoric looking birds is worth the weekend to this classic, pre-war-looking town of Parit Jawa.BirdlifeThe main attraction of Parit Jawa, especially during the October-March migration season, is the birdlife.Though there is a regular traffic of fishing boats twist its way through the muddy channels, and though there are local people going about their business near the jetty the bird fauna seems unperturbed.The most noticeable of the birds are the Lesser Adjuta nts, by sheer virtue of their size.Standing at 120 cm tall, with a white body and dark grey wings this species is unmistakable. Comically, its head is virtually bald, apart from a sparse covering of fine hair-like feathers. dynamical during the day, these storks feed on fish and amphibians such as the Crab-eating Frog. Once seized, the prey is subjected to a series of stabs with its right on beak, before being swallowed whole.At nights the storks roost in mangrove trees along the coast. Nesting occurs mainly during the dry season, both in small colonies or as single nests.Other shorebirds not commonly seen in Malaysia but which may be sighted at Parit Jawa include the Great Knot Calidris tenuirostris, the Eurasian Curlew genus Numenius arquata and the Grey-tailed Tattler Heteroscelus brevipes.Egrets and smaller herons are easily seen, including the Chinese Pond Heron Ardeola bacchus.The Striated Heron Butorides striatus is very common, and is often seen perched close to the jetty or stalking small fish around the moored fishing boats.Flocks of terns are often seen following fishing vessels back to harbour, swooping down to pluck small fish from the waters churned up by the boats propellers. Kingfishers are common too, including migrants such as the Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis and the Black-capped Kingfisher Halcyon pileata there are numerous sticks or posts close to the jetty where they like to perch.Fishing VillageFor visitors unfamiliar with the laid-back charms of rural Malaysia the fishing village of Kuala Parit Jawa serves as a fine example. The tidal inlet is crowded with wooden vessels which fish the muddy waters of the Straits of Malacca, and there are a number of open-air seafood restaurants specialising in savoury fish recipes. Add to that a couple of brightly coloured Chinese temples and modest Malay kampung houses border by banana, papaya and durian orchards and you have a scene of rural tranquility.Mud and MangrovesBeyond the unaccented w ooden jetty at the mouth of Kuala Parit Jawa is a wide expanse of mud, which isexposed at low tide. The coastal mudflats of the Straits of Malacca are rich in organic content, supporting an abundance of invertebrate life including worms, snails, bivalves, crabs and prawns. In turn these food groups support a rich web of high species including fish such as mudskippers, reptiles such as water snakes and monitors, and a wide range of bird species.Mammals too go away in the adjacent mangroves groups ofLong-tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis regularly venture out of the mangroves and onto the mudflats, probably to feed upon crabs hence their other name Crab-eating Macaque. The Oriental Small-clawed Otter Aonyx cinerea can also be sighted here.Implications of AgrotourismAgrotourism has addd much(prenominal) to both the economic and social sector in our country development. However, there are positive and disallow implications of agrotourism.First of all, agrotourism contributes lot s in improving the economy of the local communities. When we are promoting about agrotourism, we are actually promoting both the agriculture and tourism as they are combined in this sector. Places of agriculture will grass the products and induce the tourism of the place at the same time. As a result, tourists will buy the agriculture products and spending for tour cost such as accommodation as well.Besides, agrotourism will help to enlarge the value of the village. For instance, the residents can provide home stay-themed-accommodation for the tourists. Home stay is a form of program that allows the tourists to live with a local family to experience their lifestyle. Besides this program, by spending on the service provided or products bought, the tourists can increase the incomes of the residents in rural area. This additional income will help to raise the status of the residents. Thus, the poverty rate in rural area can be decreased.Otheropportunitygenerated from agrotourism is p roviding local employments. The residents of rural area, especially the youths, can work on accommodation service, tour guide service, restaurant or handicraft industry. This will decrease the migration of youths to cities.Thus, agrotourism helps improving the social situations, particularly poverty alleviation, decreasing unemployment and declining urbanization.Generating agrotourism-related businessesis the most potential opportunity of agrotourism development. due to the increasing amount of the tourists, traditional cakes or chips are produced in order to introduce the local food to them. In the handicraft industry, souvenir such as batik and canes products are do to sell to the tourists. To exert the amount of visitors, agricultural product improvements and stimulations of tourism-relatedenterprises are done.Last but not least, abandoned land can be developed in the practice of agrotourism. The development of agrotourism brings about the utilization of lands. These lands can turn out to be a new tourist attraction spot. They can be used as aquaculture rearing, orchard farm or recreational park.Nevertheless, agrotourism has its negative effects towards the environment when it is over-developed. Climatic change is one of the major problems which the agrotourism sector caused. Recently, we can see the global temperature is increasing drastically from year to year. The best example is Cameron Highland, a place that practice agrotourism. It was known as a cold place but now, the temperature is actually increasing. This has caused the groom yield of the agriculture products such as vegetable and fruits to decrease because these plants are only suitable in temperate condition.Another negative effect that we can see is the pollution problem. Extensive agrotourism activities have released polluting by-products which results in environmental problems. The increasing number of tourists causes air pollution in a particular area as they using vehicles which relea se greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These polluting gases are emitted into the atmosphere and restate into the acid rain. Acid rain has adverse affect on the plants, fresh water and soil because it can kills some of the living organisms.Besides, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides also result in soil pollution. spendthrift use of chemical pesticides which exceed permissible limit causes undesirable health effects and reduces biodiversity. Continuous use of fertilizer that contains heavy metals such as cadmium in phosphate rocks will pollute the soil and render the crops to be toxic. When the rain falls, the pollutants in soil will be brought to the river along with the rain, which will past cause water pollution. In addition, increases in use of chemical fertilizer results in higher level of nitrates being washed from the soil into the water ecosystem. This causes an excessive enrichment of the water, eutrophicaton, leading to rapi d algal growth that creates group O deficit and killing of aquatic life. This chain reaction will further affect our ecosystem and biodiversity.When agrotourism is allowed to develop without befitting planning, deforestation might happen. As this sector is growing rapidly, more and more land is required. So, the limited availability of land will lead to deforestation. Deforestation will brings to decrease in the wildlife population and at a more critical state, the biodiversity of the area will be affected. Consequently, there will be agricultural distraction which results in less arable land for agriculture and at the meantime, affect the agrotourism sector.Constraints of AgrotourismLack of promotion is another constraint of agrotourism. Advertisement related to agrotourism is not established to a wider range of places. People will not have much schooling about the agrotourism places. Besides, the pamphlets that provide incomplete information will confuse the tourists. The info rmation given may not be interesting or fascinating enough to attract the tourists. Furthermore, many places are lack of tour guides to introduce the places to the tourists. These will deter them from visiting the agrotourism spot. The authorities should promote the singularity of each village to strengthen the destination by combining with other related activities to reach the goals of agrotourism.Facilities also play an important role in the development of agrotourism. The hardest barriers of agrotourism development are inadequate infrastructures, limited public facilities and imperfect human resource skills. It will be a trouble when the facilities such as containation, hotel and passel do not fulfill the tourists demands.Another problem in agrotourism is insufficient organisation supports. Due to the small amount of judicatureal expenditure on research and development of agrotourism, technical assistance and support, as well as agro-marketing, agrotourism always faces probl ems in developing. Government empowerment, investment in agricultural sectors, infrastructure development, human skill improvement, public facilities development, and local communities empowerment and involvement need to be immediately committed to apply an ideal agrotourism.Besides, the younger generation is the important factor in the development of agrotourism. However, they are not concerned and implicated about the greenery. From their point of view, agrotourism spot is not an interesting place to travel and it is not worth to go for such an unmemorable and uncomfortable trip. Water World or Extreme Park will put one over more attention from them. Also, they are not interested to work in the agrotourism sector. Fresh graduates are not enthusiastic about the job in agrotourism as they thought it is not well-paid compared to the professional sector. As a consequence, there is no new generation to take over this sector.Lastly, scarce investment is a wide-ranging problem for agr otourism sector. It is more risky to invest in this sector compared to the other sectors which are stable in development. Investors are less likely to invest in agrotourism as this sector is not a popular trend in the world yet.All in all, the government, non-governmental organizations, and even the people of our country should do their best to contribute to agrotourism. The government should not just fork out money in maintenance. Instead, they should find alternatives in supporting the development of agrotourism. Solutions to solve the constraints and implement to improve this sector should be their priority concern.Ways to purify Agrotourism In MalaysiaAgrotourism and homestay programmes provided opportunities for local involvement and additional sources of income. A total of 19 agro-tourism locations were developed with the participation of farmers and fishermen during the ordinal Plan period. The products included day visits, farm-stay and agro-tourism packages.Agrotourism is rapidly carving a niche in Malaysia, especially as the country has a wealth of products to offer locals and visitors alike. Agricultural tourism, as it is formally known, helps by improving incomes and economic potentials of small farms, rural communities and agro-based ventures throughout the country. Visitors can also help with the locals daily chores, feeding the ducks, tending to the vegetables and see how the local communities thrive in todays fast-paced world. There are also homestays where visitors can discover more of local agrotourism practices. There are also fruit farms and parks where locals and visitors can learn more of agroutourism in Malaysia.In Malaysia, an agriculture park measuring over 10000 hectares has been opened, showing visitors how Malaysian agriculture has developed. For example, Cameron Highland located at Pahang and Dusun d Paradise that is situated in Melaka. These places have become tourist hot spot as it offer variety of activity and different experi ence for tourist. Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism ( MAHA ) is the main organization that promotes the practice of agrotourism. Today, the industry is still growing and need a lot of improvement to achieve optimum benefit.Supportive government policies are one of the ways of improvement. It maintains a business environment with oppurtunities for growth and profits have made agrotourism in Malaysia an attractive sector. The private sector in Malaysia is encouraged to become partners with the public sector in achieving the nations development objectives. Governments commitment to maintain a business environment should be the main objective that provides companies with the opportunities for growth and profits. Government can also pay constant feedback from the business community through channels of acknowledgment such as regular government- private sector dialogues. These allow the various business communities to air their views and to contribute towards the formulat ion of better agrotourism.Air, land and sea transportation will be continuously upgraded to facilitate availability and the growth of the tourism industry. The comfort, safety and security of tourists are crucial for the success of the agrotourism industry. The government will increase security patrols, especially in remote tourist resorts, to get wind the safety of tourists. At the same time, bail to safety measures in the transportation of passengers by road, rail, sea and air will remain a top priority. Operators, guides and instructors in the tourism business will need to be more conscious of the well-being of tourists and filter to ensure their comfort and safety. In addition, further efforts will be made to provide tourists with quality goods and services at reasonable prices.Over the years, extensive promotional campaigns have been engineered both locally and overseas to attract tourists from around the world. Despite the economic slowdown, the tourism industry remains st rong. Today, Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. This will allow the agrotourism industry to continuously expanding. Government must take initiative, which are undertaken by its official tourism promotional board, Tourism Malaysia. This will create potential investment opportunities in many areas. Tourism Malaysia has established video clips in local television programme to promote agrotourism.Stable political condition is also essential for marketing in agrotourism even for major tourist attractions. Government should ensure the political condition is always stable so as to allow the continuous of tourist catamenia into the country, thus promoting agrotourism. Besides that, this will make investor feel secure and allow them to expand the field safely.Malaysia government should offers investors a young, educated and productive workforce at costs competitive with the other countries in Asia. This will allow the investors to develop and practice agrotour ism in a more convenient way. Thus, this will attract more investors to develop in Malaysia and directly contribute to the countrys economy.The investors also need to play their role to improve the practice of agrotourism. They should provide better infrastructure for their customers such as transports, accommodations and catering facilities. They must provide good transport links because even attractive regions can be almost impossible to market for tourism if they are not accessible from the population centres. Investors should ensure that the agriculture they planted must be in healthy condition and always fresh to attract more people to come and have a tour.Investors can cooperate with government to create partnership with travel agency of other country to promote local agrotourism. Tour agency can provide attractive tour packages and promotion for the tourist where is the investor will give cheaper price for the agent. This is a form of symbiosis interaction between the tour ag ent and investor. Both parties will get benefit from the interaction. Investor must provide wide d

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Negative Effects of Technology on Society

dis tout ensembleow Effects of Technology on SocietyNegative Effects of TechnologyThere is no suspect that technology is playing a critical situation in developing societies as countries depend on it in all disciplines of life. Countries all over the human beings atomic number 18 competing to invent and develop the highest technological devices that can maintain the highest efficiency and accuracy of the work. Starting from 1980s, large number pi championered to use technology every daylight. The use of technology kept rising dramatically that concourse utilize it in tiny things. That overexploitation resulted in many negatives. There are many negative effect of overusing of technology on societies but the three major effects could be health problems, secrecy problems and well-disposed problems.One of the negative sides of the rapid use of technology on societies is the health issue. There is no doubt that the technology is getting better and spreading around the worl d. That led societies to deal with it almost every day to get their work done resulting in many issues. These issues can mainly be divided into deuce main categories which are mental health problems and physical health problems. First of which is the physical health problem, in that location are many physical health issues that god by dealing with technology but the critical ones are weaken the eyesight. nation who usually deal with computers for a spacious periods of clock like programmers suffer from woolly vision and eye soreness. According to Tripp (2013), people who usually use computers for long terms experience drab issues such as soreness of the eyes and blurring the vision. That can be clearly seen since eyes have to foreshorten all the time on the screen that emits dangerous radiations that affects the eyes critically leading the eyes to start dropping tears which can make the eye blurry. Resulting in soreness of the eyes on long terms. In addition, technology can cause mental problems for nigh. Some people who usually spend hours dealing with TVs and Computers without interacting with people get discouraged and get an independent behavior which results in fear of talking to people resulting them to suffer from mental disease called anxiety. Unfortunately nowadays, parents are exposing their tikeren to technology without taking in consideration the inhuman effects of such an action. Causing their children to suffer from many mental diseases. Crawford (2011) mentioned that due to disbursement huge amounts of time huge number of children were diagnosed by di polar disorder, anxiety and depression resulting in using enormous amounts of psychedelic medications. That can be clearly seen since the parents does not take in consideration that technology confiscate the child from the outer world thus they get mental diseases. To sum up, technology has double edged effects which are mental and physical problems.The second negative effect of over use of technology on the familiarity is the deprivation of privacy and security. As the world experiencing many advancements in the technology it is also facing problems of privacy and security that can strip the world from personal information. Firstly, privacy issues. Privacy problems are considered as one of the critical issues. Privacy issues are concerned with introduce locations and spying on information. It is very easy for passkeys to get out and spy on any electronic device that connects to a network by simply tracking the IP location using programs then establishing connections by dominating over foibles resulting in accessing data of the user. For example, some advertising websites can track location, watch what users do and see what the users like and dislike by s doing a survey of which products are more preferred, while some countries usually spy on some other countries to maintain its internal security and spy on extremely fundamental information. According to T hai serves aggroup (2012), minister of communication in Iran mentioned that the western are spying on the internet resulting in spreading of corruption. That is clearly seen since the west have more advanced instruments that can track and spy on anyone in the world with high accuracy. In addition to privacy problems, security problems can negatively affect anyone in the world, it is concerned with thievery of information. It is known that information of users of any website are saved in cloud retention of the website. Professionals aim for that cloud storage. If it is not well secured all of users information including ID and passwords allow for be threatened. For example, if a professional hacker login a bank database, he would cause a fatal damage to the users and the bank, running external leaving almost no trace. Computer predators (n.d.) mentioned that while computers are connected to the internet, hackers send malwares to seek for financial information and transfer it to them. That can be clearly seen since many hackers have apply these malwares to penetrate banks systems in the west. Wrapping up, technology affects dramatically on the privacy and securityThe third negative effect of overuse of technology on societies is the social issue. Through these years technology was getting more advanced not only in business and work fields but for numerous number of fields. One of these important fields that gains enormous amount of profit is the games field, which has been modified many times to make the games more practical and has more similarities to the real life. Games are so realistic that killing and other disgusting scenes are include in games. The serious effects of games can be divided into two main categories which are flavour fluctuating and lack of social skills .Firstly, due to killing and blood scenes in the games aggression spread among all the teenagers. According to Alamy (2012), teens who usually play brutal games become extremely aggr essive. That can be clearly seen because observance such dangerous scenes make the teenagers or children more likely to attack people or cause critical damage to their friends in schools or in neighborhood. In addition to aggression, lack of social skills is another(prenominal) result of overuse of technology. Sitting all the day working on electronics such as computers could isolate the person. It is clear that technology boosted communications by easily contacting anyone by just pressing a button. moreover in fact it is responsible for the rapid loss of the relationships. Nowadays some people could be having a date and they are actually sitting next to each other but in humanity they are not having any kind of contact. According to Howarth (2014), children social skills are decreasing dramatically because of spending long periods of time interacting with technology. That is clear because the more the child is attached to technology the less his social skills will be. Wrapping u p, technology affects socializing of children.Finally, technology was made to serve the world but people used it in intensive levels that it caused serious problems that are health problems, privacy problems and social problems. Health problems are considered as critical issues which affects mental and physical health of the user. Moreover, privacy is negatively affected due to spying and stealing of information of users. Furthermore, socializing is affected by rapid change of temper and lack of social skills. People should spend less time and communicate with each other and use technology in rank that it doesnt hurt people to avoid getting any problems in the future.Word Count -1198