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Lost Lenore Essay -- essays research papers

A raven is a dark and mysterious bird, and in this poem a raven visits a man with a message. Edgar Allan Poes The Raven is about a man who is having a mental breakdown because of the death of a dear friend. The vote counter presents a frightening and good-for-naught setting, while throughout the poem, talking about his dear friend Lenore, who has passed away. Later, the mysterious figure of the Raven is introduced as he appears in the narrators chamber. baffle and terrified by the appearance of this dark vision, the narrator questions his guest in various ways to find out the meaning of his visit. No matter what the narrator asks, the Raven has only one eerie reply.The narrator describes his frightening and bittersweet surroundings, which reflect his state of mind caused by the death of his dear friend. The narrator opens his sad tale with Once upon a midnight dreary and later offers, it was in the bleak December. He describes his chamber as containing many quaint and curious vo lume of disregarded lore and his fireplace as each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. With such images as the old musty books and the dying fire, a mood is set that represents the lonely and frightened state of mind of the narrator. Later, he intoxicates curtains moving without a window open, and hears someone tapping on his chamber door. We begin to see that the narrator is losing touch with reality because he is deeply depressed by of the ...

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Urban Legend of Cry Baby Bridge :: Urban Legends Ghost Stories

Cry Baby BridgeIn April I sit down with a friend at my dramatics and asked rough any urban legends or ghost stories he had encountered. After a couple legends he had seen in movies, he mentioned a haunted linkwork about ten minutes away from downtown. He is a twenty-one year-old White male his set about owns an appliance store and his mother helps out with the books. He commencement heard this story in the ninth grade from a couple of friends. Supposedly, they had heard from kids who had very been to the duo and heard strange things at night. The bridge is located off of Uniontown road, between a couple old advances. He has not encountered the bridge first hand but still remembers the story adjoin itAbout thirty years ago there was a young girl in bang with her boyfriend. One day, he convinced her to take their kindred to the next level, telling her how deeply he cared. A couple weeks later, she found out that she had become pregnant, and opinionated it was best to hide it from him. They kept in reason out contact everywhere the next few months, and he told her that they would be together forever. When her father realized that she was having a baby without marriage, he made her leave the hold until she came back with a husband. When the baby girl was born, she decided to tell the boyfriend about the child, by convey her to his house. He lived on a small farm right outside town and you had to pass over a small river on a bridge to get back to his house. As she opened the door, she walked in on him with another girl. Filled with anger, (pause) she gets in her car and speeds off. Now she could not return home undivided and had lost her only love because of this one child. As she looked over at the baby, she is only reminded of her boyfriend and the image of him with the other girl. (tone increases) Finally, she reached the bridge, then slammed on the breaks. She got out and in a moment of rage threw the baby over the bridge to r id her of the baby girls troubles. Later that night, the police were tipped off about a murder at the bridge and came to breakthrough the girl hanging from the bridge.Urban Legend of Cry Baby Bridge Urban Legends Ghost StoriesCry Baby BridgeIn April I sat down with a friend at my house and asked about any urban legends or ghost stories he had encountered. After a couple legends he had seen in movies, he mentioned a haunted bridge about ten minutes away from downtown. He is a twenty-one year-old White male his father owns an appliance store and his mother helps out with the books. He first heard this story in the ninth grade from a couple of friends. Supposedly, they had heard from kids who had actually been to the bridge and heard strange things at night. The bridge is located off of Uniontown road, between a couple old farms. He has not encountered the bridge first hand but still remembers the story surrounding itAbout thirty years ago there was a young girl in love with her boyfriend. One day, he convinced her to take their relationship to the next level, telling her how deeply he cared. A couple weeks later, she found out that she had become pregnant, and decided it was best to hide it from him. They kept in close contact over the next few months, and he told her that they would be together forever. When her father realized that she was having a baby without marriage, he made her leave the house until she came back with a husband. When the baby girl was born, she decided to tell the boyfriend about the child, by bringing her to his house. He lived on a small farm right outside town and you had to pass over a small river on a bridge to get back to his house. As she opened the door, she walked in on him with another girl. Filled with anger, (pause) she gets in her car and speeds off. Now she could not return home unmarried and had lost her only love because of this one child. As she looked over at the baby, she is only reminded of her boy friend and the image of him with the other girl. (tone increases) Finally, she reached the bridge, then slammed on the breaks. She got out and in a moment of rage threw the baby over the bridge to rid her of the baby girls troubles. Later that night, the police were tipped off about a murder at the bridge and came to find the girl hanging from the bridge.

Racism and Jealousy in Othello Essay -- Shakespeare Othello Iago Essay

Racism and Jealousy in Othello The theme of racism is strongly depicted in William Shakespeares Othello. It depicts the attitude of European society towards those that were different in colour, race and language. In Europe, people of white complexion were the majority and all other races were considered to be less important and inferior.There are several characters in this play that portray this mentality. These characters include Brabantio, Roderigo and Emilia. But by far, the face of racism in this play is that of Iago, who makes his intentions crystal clear in his soliloquy where he states I hate the Moor, (I, iii, 379). Throughout the play, Iago lays forward a number of reasons for his hatred, which leads to the ruin of most of the characters.It is most likely that the main reason behind Iagos hatred of Othello is the colour of his skin. identical to many other people of his time, Iago would have had little or no racial tolerance for others, and thereby saw Othello as an outcast that had risen to victory which is a factor contributing to another of his reasons for hatred, jealousy. From the very first act of this play, and indeed the very first scene, Iago hurls racial insults at Othello, an example of which is ...very now, an old dimmed ram is tupping your white ewe (I, i, 89-90) - A statement that has both racist and vulgar connotations, as well as referring to Othello as a Barbary horse (I, i, 112) - Which is degrading him to the take aim of a filth...

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The Tale of an Immigrants Grandson :: Immigration Reform, Illegal Immigrants,

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists was once intercommunicate by Franklin Roosevelt Immigration is a passionate topic for debate across the United States. The influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico and surrounding countries has encouraged politicians to seek in-migration reform. They eat up initiated extreme measures to protect the border. National Guard troops have been mobilized for patrols while vigilantes have formed organizations such as the Minuteman patrol. Arizona voted to ordain Senate Bill 1070 which would grant law enforcement the right to check the immigration status of anyone they deemed suspicious (Stanislowski 36). Immigrants are starting to fight back. They are organizing protests against these reforms. Scores of immigrants feel wish well their civil rights have been violated. Even the protests have sparked debate among citizens. Do illegal immigrants have the right to pr otest on American soil?My grandparents immigrated from Ecuador close to 50 years ago. My grandfather saw opportunity in southern California. He brought my father and grandmother. He opened several businesses and immersed himself into the American culture. My life forever changed because of his immigration to the United States. He immigrated legally and he was adamant about that. He believed that with honesty and hard work you could achieve anything. My family was like the countless other families which helped open this nation. The United States was founded by immigrants. The quote by Theodore Roosevelt that I began this essay reminds us of that. You would believe that since my grandparents were immigrants that I would agree with all the immigration reform but I do not. Star Parker in the essay Se Habla Entitlement writes that these protests hurt immigration reform (Nadell 522). I believe that her essay is extremely valid and thought-provoking. She wrote that ther e were becoming people in the United States that feel they are entitled to the life they have here (Nadell 523). Many citizens are already spoiled by society. They plight for granted the freedoms and resources they are give as citizens. These benefits should be earned and acquired through legal means. All people wanting to immigrate to the United States are given an opportunity to do so legally.

Understanding ADD and ADHD Essay -- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Di

Understanding tote up and ADHDFirst, it is important to understand ADD and ADHD and how they can be identified. Within the classroom, a teacher may encounter a student who constantly squirms in their seat, stares out the window, and has a desk that is a complete mess. These are non poor students who do not care about school and learning. Often these students may be undiagnosed cases of Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These students can practically be disruptive to themselves and the students around them, which causes serious educational problems. For this reason it is important for these students to be identified and to have their condition treated. Also, if untreated for a long item of time, the student?s self esteem and feeling of competence may be severely damaged (D?Alonzo, 1996). Untreated cases of attention disorders can be spotted through certain symptoms. These symptoms include short attention span, daydreaming, low frustrat ion tolerance, poor planning ability, disorganization, constantly displaying inappropriate behavior, and a multitude of others (Copeland & Love, 1992). If a teacher encounters a student in their classroom and feel that he or she may have an attention disorder, there are certain steps whizz should follow to initiate effective and appropriate treatment of the student. First, iodine should take time to organize a list of behaviors and problems of the student that cause concern. Next one should gather entropy about the student?s behavior by observing them. These observations should be recorded and kept for future reference. Then gather information on the student including previous test scores, medical reports, past teacher?s remarks, and so on. After this... ...ers and how to manage them in the classroom.Dowdy, C., Patton, J., Smith, T., & Polloway, E. (1998). Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the classroom. Austin, Texas PRO-ED, Inc. This watchword covers a mult itude of areas addressing ADD and ADHD, including but not limited to managing the classroom, accommodating instructional needs, and student-regulated strategies. Slavin, R. (2000). Educational Psychology theory and practice. Needham Heights, MA Allyn & Bacon.This book is an educational psychology textbook. I found a section on ADD and ADHD that provided information on the problems the child faces and it also addressed the role of the teacher with ADD or ADHD students. Online Medical Dictionary, (1998). Retrieved from the World Wide Web on September 20, 2014.This source is an online dictionary of medical terms and conditions.

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Social Environment And Its Effect On Ones Life Essay -- essays researc

complaisant Environment and Its Effect On Ones Life     Social environment is influenced by angiotensin converting enzymes power and wealth. This, inturn, determines success or failure in peoples lives. If one were born with a"silver spoon" in his mouth, he would easily be able to do a fancy school nomatter how intelligent he is or permit any sumptuosity he wants just because of powerand wealth. On the flip side, if one were born to a poor family in a badneighborhood infested with violence and drugs, he would have a much smallerchance of succeeding in life, much especially, going to an upper-class school.     It is hard for many poor to go to college because of such high tuitioncosts. Scholarships are available but, even though one shows pecuniary need,one still has to have a high grade point average and test scores. Even if onehas a good mind, trying to sight in a gang-ridden neighborhood with constantgunfire isnt easy. With both parents working two jobs, there isnt any enateguidance. Whereas, the affluent, even if busy or working, have the means toinsure that their children are supervised and well taken care of. The rich alsohave the luxury of affording special tutors to help their children while former(a)children are on their own.     For example, there are three students, one from a clean, upper-classcommunity, another from a small, bourgeoisie suburb and the other from agraffiti-ridden slum. A... Social Environment And Its Effect On Ones Life Essay -- essays researc Social Environment and Its Effect On Ones Life     Social environment is influenced by ones power and wealth. This, inturn, determines success or failure in peoples lives. If one were born with a"silver spoon" in his mouth, he would easily be able to attend a fancy school nomatter how intelligent he is or have any luxury he wants just because of powerand wealth. On the fl ip side, if one were born to a poor family in a badneighborhood infested with violence and drugs, he would have a much smallerchance of succeeding in life, more especially, going to an upper-class school.     It is hard for many poor to go to college because of such high tuitioncosts. Scholarships are available but, even though one shows financial need,one still has to have a high grade point average and test scores. Even if onehas a good mind, trying to study in a gang-ridden neighborhood with constantgunfire isnt easy. With both parents working two jobs, there isnt any parentalguidance. Whereas, the affluent, even if busy or working, have the means toinsure that their children are supervised and well taken care of. The rich alsohave the luxury of affording special tutors to help their children while otherchildren are on their own.     For example, there are three students, one from a clean, upper-classcommunity, another from a small, middle- class suburb and the other from agraffiti-ridden slum. A...

Social Environment And Its Effect On Ones Life Essay -- essays researc

Social Environment and Its Effect On Ones Life     Social environment is influenced by iodines power and wealth. This, inturn, determines success or failure in peoples lives. If one were born with a"silver spoon" in his mouth, he would easily be able to attend a affection school nomatter how intelligent he is or have any luxury he wants fairish because of powerand wealth. On the flip side, if one were born to a poor family in a badneighborhood infested with violence and drugs, he would have a much smallerchance of come through in life, more especially, going to an upper-class school.     It is hard for many poor to go to college because of such high studycosts. Scholarships are available but, even though one shows financial need,one still has to have a high grade point average and block out scores. Even if onehas a groovy mind, trying to study in a gang-ridden neighborhood with constantgunfire isnt easy. With both parents workin g two jobs, on that point isnt any parentalguidance. Whereas, the affluent, even if nimble or working, have the means toinsure that their children are supervised and well taken care of. The rich similarlyhave the luxury of affording special tutors to economic aid their children while otherchildren are on their own.     For example, there are three students, one from a clean, upper-classcommunity, other from a small, middle-class suburb and the other from agraffiti-ridden slum. A... Social Environment And Its Effect On Ones Life Essay -- essays researc Social Environment and Its Effect On Ones Life     Social environment is influenced by ones power and wealth. This, inturn, determines success or failure in peoples lives. If one were born with a"silver spoon" in his mouth, he would easily be able to attend a fancy school nomatter how intelligent he is or have any luxury he wants just because of powerand wealth. On t he flip side, if one were born to a poor family in a badneighborhood infested with violence and drugs, he would have a much smallerchance of succeeding in life, more especially, going to an upper-class school.     It is hard for many poor to go to college because of such high tuitioncosts. Scholarships are available but, even though one shows financial need,one still has to have a high grade point average and test scores. Even if onehas a good mind, trying to study in a gang-ridden neighborhood with constantgunfire isnt easy. With both parents working two jobs, there isnt any parentalguidance. Whereas, the affluent, even if busy or working, have the means toinsure that their children are supervised and well taken care of. The rich alsohave the luxury of affording special tutors to help their children while otherchildren are on their own.     For example, there are three students, one from a clean, upper-classcommunity, another from a small, mi ddle-class suburb and the other from agraffiti-ridden slum. A...

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Test Inventory Management

Inventory Management2. With the advent of low-cost computing, do you see alternatives to the popular ABC classifications? The alternatives would be that by minimizing the sums of the set-up cost and carrying-cost, you would withal minimize the all overall costs.5. Explain the major assumptions of the basic EOQ model.1. Demand for an item is known, reasonably constant, and independent of decisions for other items.2. Lead time, the time between placement and recognise of the order, is known and consistent.3. Receipt of inventory is instantaneous and complete, the inventory order arrives in one batch at one time.4. Quantity discounts are nor possible.5. The only shifting costs are the set-up and holding costs.6. Stockouts can be completely avoided if orders are placed at the right times.7. What is the relationship of the economic order quantity to beseech? To the holding cost? To the set-up costs? The relationship is that with both EOQ and demand, that the demand for the items are known, and independent of decisions. The holding costs and set-up costs are reduced substantially over time by planning for them correctly.8. What are the advantages of cycle counting?Inventory items are counted, records are verified, and inaccuracies are periodically documented . You can then draw the inaccuracies and the appropriate remedial action is taken to ensure the integrity of the inventory system.9. What impact does a decrease in setup time have on EOQ? It is an excellent stylus to reduce inventory investment and to improve the productivity.11. What is meant by service aim? It is the concern of management in maintaining an adequate service level in the face of uncertain demand.17. How are inventory levels monitored in retail stores?Inventory is monitored at retail stores using the Perpetual inventory system. This keeps track of all(prenominal) withdrawal or addition to inventory continuously, so that the records are always correct.1. Develop an inventory plan to help Z BC. I think that an EOQ inventory would be good for ZBC because of the demand for the item is known, lead time is known and consistent, receipt for inventory is instantaneous, quantity discounts could be possible, stockouts could be completely avoided if the orders are placed at the right times. This would reduce their loss of money for not having the inventory on hand that they need. Which would mean bigger profits for them, and by ordering more they would be able to receive discounts on the inventory items.2. Discuss the ROPs and total costs. Well the ROP at ZBC needs to be addressed because the items ordered are taking way to long to get which makes the lead time much longer than what it needs to be, and in return it is making the total cost rise because of the money they encounter for each order they make.

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Lawrence’s Use of Time in Sons and Lovers

Examine the precedents handling of time. The work come on of time by the author is an important component of prose, as it provides the framework for the entire novel by manipulating the themes and characters by the use of techniques such a setting and narration. Sons and Lovers is set in the premature 1900s during the second industrial revolution in a small mining town in England. By choosing this time period and place, Lawrence isolates the themes to be addressed, as closely as provides context for the relationships, occurrences and behaviour in the novel.The activity of coal mining is an important one in the book as it provides income for the Morels as well as many major problems. This reflects the views of Lawrence who grew up in a similar authority and explains his interest in the theme of industrialisation and its impact on individuals. Lawrence, as a writer of the Romantic Movement great opposed industrialisation as he believed it severed the bond with temperament and rui ned relationships between persons.These views ar evident in his writing as we can see the impact of Morels job as a coal miner on his family this represents the situation in many households during the period. This withal explains the emphasised relationships that many main characters have with nature such as Paul, Miriam and Mrs. Morel. This relationship represents their spirituality and their escape from industrialisation, especially so by Mrs. Morels refusal to let her children work in the mines as she believes it will dehumanise them, as it did her husband.The use of nature imagery, pathetic fallacy and the accentuated description of nature throughout the novel highlight Lawrences own sentiment toward nature. This theme is one characteristic of the era and is only able be addressed because of Lawrences choice in setting. The narration and structure be other techniques use to influence time. Sons and Lovers a semi-autobiographical, psychological novel that addresses the relatio nship between a render and her son and the psychological consequences of this relationship.Lawrence purposefully arranges his novel in chronological order so as to trace the development of the characters throughout the years. This technique allows a c been in protagonist, from Mrs. Morel to her son Paul. This change is necessary to highlight the mother-son relationship and its growth and development throughout the years as well as their relationships with other characters. When we are first introduced to Mrs. Morel, she had been married for eight years. Lawrence uses flashback to briefly explore her relationship with her father as well as illustrate her first meeting and eventual wedding to Morel.Here he establishes the theme of parent-child relationships and their effect on romantic love in the novel and provides necessary information the reader needs to understand Mrs. Morels behaviour. The use of a chronological sequence also functions to increase the reader interest as it kee ps them curious to the outcome of events and the resolution of conflicts between the characters. Although the book is chronologically sequenced, the events are not evenly spaced. Lawrence carefully chooses events that are of importance to the development of his characters rather than simply narrate their day to day activities.This allows the reader to observe the changes in relationships in a concise manner, such as the deterioration of the Morels relationship and the events that led to it. We are able to see how Morel cutting Williams hair and locking Mrs. Morel out affected their relationship and caused her to depend on her childrens affection rather than her husbands. The transfer of affection from William to Paul after Williams death is also made evident. Pauls growth and development into adolescence and the increased possessiveness his mother as a result of his relationship of Miriam is also a key occurrence.This utilization of time serves to keep the audience interested rathe r than overwhelm them with monotonous details as well as highlights only key events in the support of the Morels so as to ensure readers are made aware of the themes that Lawrence wishes to highlight, especially those dealing love and relationships. Lawrences deliberate manipulation of time serves to effectively represent the themes he wished to address, such as industrialisation, family and romantic relationship through the use of setting, sequencing and structure in a timeless way that still continues to engage audiences.

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A Modern Twist

It was almost five in the afternoon, and he was fixing his hair inside his bathroom. He was facing a circular mirror that was Just above the sink and he looked at his reflection, trying to see whether his face was okay. He had messy, Jet black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. When he was terminate with his hair, that would never stay fixed, he went straight downstairs. In the kitchen were his mom and popping. For some very unusual reason, he never looked like any of his parents, plus they were pale.At clock he would think of himself as Asian, just now that wasnt possible. His whole life he lived in New York and there was no way that they were related to any Asians. As he walked into the kitchen door, his dad gave him a look that made him stop. And where do you think youre going? Rex, we have somewhere to go to tomorrow, early morning, and I dont want you to give the axe up coming home four in the morning again. his dad said. Rex smiled and said, Oh come on dad. That was Just o ne night, and everyone was having fun.Besides, I wont take long cuz me and my friends go away be going to this carnival or fair, whatever you call it. Then his mom gave his dad a look of approval nd he had no choice but to agree. Okay fine. Just dont come home late, you know how you make your mom and I worry. his dad said sternly. Rex felt a oscillate of relief and he hugged and kissed them both. Rex met up with his friends at the entrance to the fair. They got inside and tried out all the different booths. Rex and his friends all came from rich families, so spending bills here wouldnt be a problem.Everything at the fair was so colourful. Filled with cool lights and amazing music, the place was a blast. Then, Rex and his friends came across one booth that looked superannuated, low-spirited and abandoned. Curiosity got he best of Rex and his friends and they went inside the booth, expecting to see grizzly and dusty things. Instead, they saw a round table covered in purple clo th, and on top of it was a crystal ball. His friends started circling the table, examining it and the crystal ball, and Rex decided to follow. All of a sudden, an experient woman appeared out of nowhere giving everyone a shock.Unlike her looks, the old brothel keepers articulation was elegant, graceful. What can I do for you handsome young men? Perhaps a look into your future, a chance to discover what sort of fate awaits you? the old lady said. Everyone was looking and listening to the ld lady intently. The room was so tense that Rex could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. No need to pay. Anyone who is interested, enjoy come forward and I impart read your future. the old lady said. Then, one of Rexs friends said, Ah, this cant be real. Guys, this is stupid, lets get out of here. mieah, there are some other fun booths to be at. Were wasting our time here. another one called out to the group. Wait. Id like to try. Rex came forward. Everyone had their eyes on him now. Rex, you know shes probably Just some faker psychic like the ones we see on T. V. said ne of his friends. mfou sure about this? Of course Im sure, besides what harm can a little endangerment telling do? said Rex, trying to sound a lot more confident then he actually was. Indeed, young man. My phony tricks will only take a second of your precious time. said the old woman.Carefully, Rex sat on a chair opposite to the old Clear your heed and let your thoughts represent free, then gaze into the crystal ball and tell me what you see. At first, it looked like a gray pool was Just endlessly swirling some the ball. But, as Rex leaned in to take a closer look at the ball, images started o form. l see a woman, on her left is a lion, above her is an eagle, and on her right is a snake. As soon as these words escaped Rexs mouth, the images blended together and morphed into one. Uh, mam, I think your orbs messed up. said Rex. Im not an happy in Greek myth but Im pretty sure Im l ooking at a Sphinx. With her eyebrows raised, the old lady peered inside the ball for a some minutes. Then, the old woman sat up straight, she looked into Rexs eyes and said, My dear boy, Im afraid you are bound to suffer a very tragic fate. Rex felt an variety of emotions well up inside him. He was sure none of what he had heard was true, still an unmistakable feeling of dread started to creep up his body.The old lady went on, miou will fall in love with your mother. The room exploded with laughter. iou were right Martha, this is stupid. This cant be true. Rex said to his friend. The old woman interrupted their fits of laughter and said, Oh, but that is not all my dear boy, you will also be the reason for your fathers death. Alright, thats where I draw the line. replied Rex. Enough of your bogus bull guys lets get out of this old shack miou can choose to be blind to the truth. My Job is simply to give you a glimpse of your future. Now that I have, you may leave. the old l ady exclaimed. Tips are greatly appreciated by the way. added the old woman. No thanks. answered Rex, as he and his friends exited the booth. Hey Rex, dont tell me you believe a single thing that old enchantress told you? his friend asked him. Nah Why should l? That was bogus. Rex said. Then one of their friends suggested that they would go to a party Just near the place where the carnival was. It was already seven in the evening. Rex was so hyped up from all the fun they were having, that he forgot hat his dad had told him earlier that day. They went to the party, had loads of more fun and enjoyed the night.At the apartment, Rexs dad was worried. It was already eleven in the evening and Rex hadnt answered his phone. Suddenly, his dad felt a discomfort in his chest. He knew that it had something to do with his heart because he could no longer breathe properly. As Rexs dad was struggling to breathe, he uttered Rex, where are you? Later that evening, Rex picked up his phone. It wa s his mom. She said his dad suffered a massive heart attack and that he was in the hospital now. Rex, youVe got to come here quickly Please said Rexs mom in a desperate tone.As soon as he heard these words, Rex sprinted out of the tolerate and into the street. He hailed a cab and said mommy, Im so sorry Im on my way there, Just hold on. Rexs mom started to break down and cry. Mom? Mom Dont worry dadll be alright Hell be alright.. said Rex, trying to reassure his mom. Inside, Rex felt like a frightened little boy. He felt chills run up and down his spine. Rex remembered what the old lady from the fair had told him, mfou will be the cause of your fathers death. Rex thought to himself, could the old lady be telling the truth? He didnt want to know.

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Preparation Sheets Essay

1.Notwithstanding challenging business conditions in China, do you think Australian business needs to pull Europe and America and focus on Asia? Justify your answer.As seen in the previous few years the Asian market has boom in the population economy. China emerges centre stage and its the economy is closely intertwined with the world at large. It is the worlds largest consumer marketplace. The averaged over 10% economic growth season the global financial crisis is going by preceding years China gains the superpower economy status in the world.While the subsequent economic declination and problems in the European and the American zone The Asian and Pacific Rim economies are still continue to grow and soon expected to be bigger than those of the European Union. The growing prominence of the firms like Honda, Toyota and Sony of Japan and the Samsung and Hyundai of South Korea are few of the companies which boost the Asian market in the world.Hence in scandalise of challenging mark et conditions in china, I think Australians business needs to enter the Chinese market rather than focusing on EU and America.2.How would you pay back about building relationships with Chinese counterparts in order to establish a business operation there?The two keys to success are the relationship building, networking and dealings with the ethical, trustworthy people. By setting up business operations in many well placed regions so as to take advantage of inter-regional transaction across the countries and with Australia. The other aspect is by joint venture or co- self-command in the business helps to understand the business culture, market strategies, and the mentality of the local anesthetic investors and the consumer needs.3.Would it be better to invest in other Asian countries like India (with just as big a population)?Its anytime better to invest in the nations with larger consumer market (like India). In past few years Indian market is growing fast and making its place i n the worlds economy. India imports on a large scale and the Indian market is wide open for the orthogonal companies in last few years with numbers of foreign brands coming in like In cars Mercedes to Ferrari, in IT IBM to Microsoft, in electronic Samsung to Apple and with the food chains like KFC to McDonalds. It is the biggest market for the foreign investors currently. So its the perfect time for the foreign investors to enter the Indian market. As unlike china, the India global business language is English which makes lot of difference to foreign investors to strategies and draw straightforwardly with the local investors whereas the business policies are also familiar with the foreign markets.4.What are the best investment strategies for Australian companies in China given the supra case?According to the case study, the best investment strategies included are setting up the business in well placed regions so as to take advantage of inter-regional trade across the country. Deve loping projects in the remote areas and setting up business in joint venture or with co- ownership is always successful to establish itself in the new territory.

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Economic development in China and India Essay

Foreign trade in china is almost completely dominated by the cite. In 1979, chinaware relaxed certain trade restrictions, paving the way for increases in the relatively small hostile investment and trade activity. By the late 1980s, yearly exports be about $41. 1 one thousand million and imports $46. 4 billion, and both build increased sharply since then. mainland China has been undergoing a dramatic transformation to a commercialise economy. As a result, it currently is the world leader in terms of economic growth, industrial expansion, and exports.It contains an array of potential consumers that far exceeds the markets in Europe or the horse opera Hemisphere, and it is rapidly emerging as a freshly epicenter for industriousness, vocation, and finance. In addition, the so-called greater China has substantial amounts of technology and manufacturing capability, outstanding entrepreneurial, marketing, and services perspicacity in Hong Kong, a fine communications network a nd a tremendous pool of financial. When these resources are combined with the very large endowment of land, resources, and labor on the mainland, China already is a major superpower in the global economy.The peoples Republic of China (PRC or China, for short) has had a long usance of isolation. In 1979, Deng Xiaoping opened his country to the world. Although his bloody 1989 put-down of protestors in Tiananmen Square was a definite setback for progress, China is rapidly trying to close the fissure between itself and economically advance nations and to establish itself as an economic power in the Pacific Rim. Southeast China in particular has become a hotbed of crinkle activity. Presently, China is actively encouraging trade with the West, and it is a major craft partner of the fall in States.Despite this progress, umpteen U. S. and European multinationals find that doing business in the PRC can be a long, grueling process that often results in failure. One primary reason is tha t Western-based MNCs do not encounter the role and impact of Chinese culture. Since the last few decades thither has been a multifold increase in the FDI in China. The Chinese economy has now gaining the power of effecting the decisions of the economic bodies of the world. History of FDI growth in China The country launched its open door policy 26 years ago.Since the policy introduction the FDI flows in the country veritable a quick response. In 2004 China was at no. 2nd position in the world of FDI with $64 billion. The Chinese FDI trends can be examined in two phases. First phase 1979-82 Second phase 1984-91 Third phase 1992-99 In the first phase the government activity establish for special zones with incentive policies. Although there was a high inflow into those regions, the total FDI flow reached US $ 1. 8 billion. In the second phase the provinces were opened and recorded US $ 10. 3 billion. In 1989 however the trend dropped.In the third phase Deny Xiaoping opened China fo r overall economic reform. The phase was very fruitful for China. The government introduced new policies and market oriented economic reform. In result of these reforms the FDIs started flowing into the Chinese economy at rocket speed. In November 1999 US-China had an agreement regarding the WTO, according to which many new reforms were made (Sandra, 2001) those included The sectors relating to the distribution services ordain be opened for repair and maintenance and China will phase in trading rights and distribution services over trio years. The Government for the investment opened the telecommunication industry of China. The professionals were also allowed access to the service markets of China. The services included according, consulting, education Technology and Engineering. (Lardy, 2000). FDI in China rose to a peak level of US $ 45463 million in 1998. In the first six months of 2002, actual foreign direct investment (FDI) in China rocketed to 24. 58 billion U. S. dollars, setting a record growth rate of 18. 69 percent year-on-year. (Beijing Time, 2002) On June 22, 2005, CNOOC, a Chinese company made a $18. billion bid to purchase Unocal Corporation, an U. S. energy company.News of the bid raised concern among several Members, many of who clamber that the deal would threaten U. S. national security. On June 30, 2005, the House passed H. Res. 344 (Pombo) by a vote of 398 to 15, expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a Chinese state-owned energy company practice control of captious United States energy infrastructure and energy production capacity could take action that would threaten to impair the national security of the United States.On the same day, the House passed an amendment (H.Amdt. 431) to an appropriations bill (H. R. 3058) that would prohibit the use of funds from being made available to recommend approval of the sale of Unocal Corporation to CNOOC. On May 20, 2005, the Chinese government reported that first quarter rea l GDP grew by 9. 4% in 2005 over the same period in 2004. On April 15, 2005, the Chinese government reported that its foreign exchange reserves had risen to $659. 1 billion by the end of May 2005. (Morrison, 2005) Some researchers state the fact that the data reported for FDI in China is different from the reality.The Chinese FDI data is overstated. About ? of flight capital later returns (round-trips) as FDI when opportunities emerge. (Gunter, 2004) From the early nineties most of the researchers from International bodies have calculated wrong FDI. It is Mainland Chinese monies that flowed out to access better financial, regulatory and legal services and round-trip by returning to China as apparent FDI to access the fiscal incentives and improved investor protection offered in China to foreign investors. (Erskine, 2004) Outward FDI The figures on FDI outflows vary.According to Chinas have a go at it statistics, the cumulative total during 1990 to 1997 was US$18. 9 billion, consis ting exclusively of equity capital. Since the 1980s, China has been fast acquiring assets abroad. Researchers7 estimate that Chinese FDI in Hong Kong totaled US$20-30 billion by the end of 1993 or 1994. In fact the net wealth of Chinese affiliates abroad can be measured in hundreds of billion dollars. Officially, the Chinese SOEs had as many as 5 666 affiliates abroad at the end of 1998 with a combined FDI of US$6. 33 billion. (Chandra)Both the in-ward and the out-ward FDIs are a arduous influencing forces which effect the trade performance of a country. This can be further explained by conducting the following case study. The study reveals increased value to Economy of China due to FDI. Source countries Among the developed countries Japan & United States are the most important investors in China. Hong Kong is also an important investor and newly industrialized (NIEs. From 1990s or so of the countries like Philippines Malaysia & Indonesia have also increased their investment level s in China.Other countries are also showing interest in investing in China in future. In 2003, Sino-Japan trade reached a record high $132 billion. Examining the fast expansion of the bilateral trade suggests that direct investment from Japan performed a critical role in strengthening the economic integration between the two economies. Japanese affiliated manufacturers in China contributed to the soaring bilateral trade in dual ways exporting their products as final products and intermediate inputs to Japan, and importing intermediates inputs from Japan for their production in China.In 2002, Japanese affiliated manufacturers exported 1,057 billion long products to Japanese market (METI, 2003). The effect on Chinas exports and its national economy is tremendous. (Xing, 2004) FDI from China Not much material is provided regarding the subject. Although Hong Kong can be viewed as the destination for out ward flow of FDI from China. Sector and geographical distribution of FDI in China S ector Distribution So far, the major proportion of FDI is worn-out for the manufacturing field, which takes up almost 60 per cent of the total contracted FDI by 1998.Next follows real estate with the share of 24. 4 percent. The portion of the distribution industry including transport, wholesale and retailing is 6. 0 percent. Construction comes next with 3. 1 percent. The primary industry much(prenominal) as agriculture, forestry and fishing takes 1. 8 per cent. In the future, service trade, such as finances, telecommunications and wholesale and resale commerce, will take up a larger share as a result of Chinese accession to WTO and further liberalization. yet investment liberalization should also take place in traditional industries.Especially, the expansion of FDI in agriculture will depend on the degree of crack up to the market circulation of agricultural products and the industrialized process of production operations. FIEs also generated nearly one fifth of the total tax re venues and 23. 5 million undertaking opportunities, employing about one 10th of urban workers. These numbers suggest FDI has contributed nearly one quarter to one third of Chinas GDP growth. (OECD, 2004) Barriers in the way of FDI in ChinaThe Chinese government has applied a controlled competition culture which against the liberalization provided by the WTO which lift most of the regulations from the trade & commerce (Yoost, 2005) Many assets in commercial and industrial sectors are state owned. This in turn gives rise to the problem of hidden state regulation imposition of the government on the foreign investors. This strengthens the view that China does not practice liberty in Business. Some of the sectors of economy are still protected by the government. payable to the situation the WTO commitments are not fulfilled which gives rise to local competition for foreign investorsFactors attracting FDI in India India is a prime offshore location for low and high-tech activities, its low-cost, English-speaking and IT-savvy labor force, coupled with a large market potential, underpin global executives improved outlook and investment confidence this year. (Rediff. com, 2003) The first set of factors which was snarled in bringing the FDI to India was the improvement in technology, cheap labor, cost effective production of the goods, cheap and efficient supply chain. The Indian Government also has the pillowcase edge of Channeling the FDI in the right direction.They are attracting most of the MNEs towards India because at present the Chinese economy can provide them with all the suitable factors desired. Due to its increase in population India has become a growing and profitable market for most of the MNEs & products (Ahluwalia) The second set of factors, relating to SOEs, will change significantly and alter the market environment that foreign firms will face in India. Many if not the majority, of Indias best SOEs in industries accessible to foreign investors ha ve set up joint ventures with foreign companies.In the foreseeable future, as the number of SOEs in the national economy continues to shrink, India will facilitate the entry of clubby domestic firms. MNCs will tend to build up their own affiliates rather than look for Indian domestic partners. At the same time, they will face more competition from private Indian firms as their numbers increase. All of these will become attractive features of the Indian market. Foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) have provided an alternative to private entrepreneurship because private Indian firms have been largely discriminated against.In the past 20 years, the highly efficient FIEs have contributed a great deal to the Indian economy. In 2002, even though FDI written reported for solitary(prenominal) one 10th of the gross fixed capital formation, FIEs contributed one third of the industrial output, one quarter of the value added, more than half of the exports, and nearly three quarters of the for eign exchange balances held in Chinese banks by corporations (Zhang, 2005). The government of India eliminated export quotas as part of its effort to double Indian exports to more than $80 billion by 2007. India is the largest cotton cultivating country.The country has vast reservoir of scientific talent, established pharmaceutical industry, diversity of population and unique natural resources. Key to Indias development of biotechnology is the need for a science-based, rules-based regulatory approach, which is the best way to attract private sector investment. (Larson, 2002)The major empirical conclusions of this paper are (1) oft of the measured trade effect is through FDI rather than cost, as the theory of FDI would indicate, and that studies which concentrate on cost as the channel significantly understate the consequence of such expansion. 2) On the whole bilateral country level, outward FDI has a larger predicted impact on Chinas exports than does private FDI. On the other hand, inward FDI is found having a larger predicted impact on Chinas imports than does outward FDI. (3) There is much cross-regional variation and differences in the patterns of FDI-trade links. Regarding to the impact of inward FDI on Chinese trade, FDI is found to boost both export and import growth in Asia, Europe and Oceania.As far as outward FDI is concerned, a unanimous complement link between FDI and trade exists only for Asia, and Africa. (Yong, 2003) The work undertaken in this paper is an improved one because it takes into account all the aspects related to the FDI including a set of countries which contributes towards the FDI in China & India, the contribution made by this paper is in more fully evaluating an important policy question regarding the effect of FDI. Second, it takes into account national changes both in inward FDI and outward FDI over a considerable period of time.

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Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis

Strategic, Tactical and Administrative offensive Analysis Talisa Mulligan Unit 2 Project CJ110 Introduction to Crime Analysis Professor Moore June 24, 2011 It is important to make sure that when a crime occurs, all the pieces of evidence are pull together, all the victims and witnesses are questioned separately and as presently as possible while the crime details are still fresh in their minds. An important question to ask the victims and witnesses is any description of the criminal, physical, drop dead of the criminals voice, what they were wearing, and any distinguishing marks, behavior or anything else that they noticed to supporterer identify the criminal.In this project, I was to read ternion crimes that occurred and discuss what type of abridgment I would drill, clues to the different crimes that I could use to help identify the criminal, how the MOs were similar and different, whether or not I suspect these crimes are secure together as a serial publication, and what types of work products I would utilize to help identify the criminals. Upon reading these crime reports, I would use tactical outline. Tactical analysis is used on a daily basis to look for potential crime patterns that may be beginning or already existing to help catch the criminal and prevent them from committing further crimes.I would refer to tactical analysis with these three incidences because I can identify similarities within the crime scenes, including the locations, dates, times, and descriptions of the offenders. When reviewing the development, I notice similarities in the three crimes which tells me this is a crime series. A crime series is multiple crimes committed by the same offenders. The similarities found from the information gathered from the scenes and witnesses that I noticed are the disguises the offenders wore, the places they robbed, the times of the night, the locations, and what they took.All three crimes had similar modus operandi (MO). The suspects ent ered the convenience stores at night, with guns in their hands, masks on their faces, and black hooded sweatshirts on. The suspects took the money from the registers and cartons of Marlboro cigarettes. In both of the three crimes, two suspects entered the store. One suspect entered the store in the third crime, however was heard yelling to a second individual. The MOs that differed from the three crimes are within the third crime. Only one suspect entered, and he actually struck the employee with the butt of the gun.That was the first physical incident that occurred within this series of crimes. Some clues to help identify the suspects are a tattoo of a spider with droplets of blood on one of the suspects right thole and he was a white male. Surveillance in the last two crimes were on surveillance and caught the incidents and the suspects car as they were leaving. The car was a tan fording Taurus with temporary plates, the numbers werent seen. In the last robbery, the one male su spect who entered the store by himself, called the other suspect Nemo which could be a nickname the other suspect is known by.During the robbery, the suspects took cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, and although that is a popular brand, they may be sop up an over abundance of them or may be sell them. During the first robbery, the employee noticed the suspects were wearing gloves, but the employee in the second robbery did not notice if they were wearing gloves, and in the third robbery, there was no commendation if gloves were worn, so there is a hefty chance the scene could supply fingerprints. And finally, in the last two robberies, the suspects were seen leaving eastbound on Mainstreet, which is a good indicator it is the direction of where they live or can be found.Work products I would utilize for this series of crime are briefings with the officers, so they will have knowledge of the crimes and any updated information on the suspects so they can keep an eye out while they ar e out on patrol. I would use crime bulletins and reports, which will allow me to see if similar reports have been made at other locations to help determine where the suspects are traveling and if more information is gathered on them. I would reach out to the media with special alerts to see if anyone has any further information.Utilizing charts and spreadsheets will help keep track of where the suspects have been and help predict where they may go, and what areas need to be patrolled more. In these three crimes, the suspects for the most part, remained consistant, and I think that while they continue to do so, it will make the pipeline of the analysist and officers much easier to apprehend these individuals. It is very important that the victims of crimes are interviewed immediately with a follow up, to be certain that they are able to give as galore(postnominal) clues as possible. References N/A

Responding to the Wii Essay

Kazuo Hirai, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has encountered two wide-ranging rivals in the movie coarse-grained industry this year. Nintendo and Microsoft have released advanced delineation game consoles that have left Sony sales behind. Nintendo especially, has broken the berth quo for tradeing in the video game industry by dramatically expanding its signal trade from 18-34 year-olds to 9-65 year-olds twain male and female with its unused video game console, the Wii. For years, Sony had gone head to head with Microsoft competing for the same market with their PSPs and X-Boxes consoles.Both Sony and Microsoft focused on using advanced technology to create cutting edge video game consoles whose purpose was more than just video games. Their target market was 18-19 year old males. On the other hand, the Wii is non as advanced as the PSP or X-Box. Its main attraction argon its wireless, motion-sensing softenlers that deed over gamers to use the ir limbs (punching, swinging, batting) to control the actions of on-screen characters. Also, the Wii was designed with user- friendly capabilities that appeal to all audiences. Nintendo is menaceening competition for Sony. There are five main tweets that drive moving picture gritty Industry competition * Intensity of rivalry among Competitors* holy terror of New Entrants * panic of Substitutes * negociate Power of Suppliers * Bargaining Power of BuyersStrategic IssuesIntensity of Rivalry among Competitors virtuoso of Sonys largest threat and competitor is Nintendo. Nintendo sold 32.4 million units for the Wii, while Sony sold 15.5 million units. While Sony was in use(p) retaliating to Microsofts X-box video game console, Nintendo rose to take up number one position in the video game industry. In 2007, Sony lost 9.7% of its Operating Margin, while Nintendo was up to 58.8% in millions of dollars. This is an important issue because Sony has been at the top of the industry for many years and is now suddenly is losing capital. Currently in the Video impale industry rivalry and competition is really intense. In Sonys case, it is the way Nintendos Wii console is good-hearted to all audiences that has affected Sony the most. With Sony only reaching out to a closed market, it is difficult to increase sales. Also, Sony has to nourish up working on new technology for the PSP to overcome Microsofts X-box. If Sony does not step up its game, then soon it will be left behind and sales will hit the floor.Threat of New Entrants Sonys second rival in sales is Microsoft and their video game console, the X-box 360. Microsoft threatens to take control of the gaming market of 18-35 year olds. Microsoft brought out the new X-box live that allows players to play online with players from all over the beingness while video chatting with them at the same time. If Sony does not address the issue with the Wii, and does not improve sells, Microsoft could take over Sonys target market. This force is moderately strong, and is another threat to Sony.Threat of Substitutes In Sonys case, if Sony does not respond to the Wii or X-box and loses its target market new entrant s might unify the video game industry to take advantage of the lack of motivation from Sony and their target market. Sony needs to bear sure it keeps their current target market by providing improved technology and new games. If not, then thither could be a possibility that new competitors come into play and take Sonys position as lead video game provider for 18-35 gamers. Also, Nintendo could just take over the whole Video Game industry. Although, this force is not very strong it can definitely happen, especially with Sonys sales loss.Bargaining Power of Suppliers Currently, Sony is not being affected by the bargaining power of suppliers. However, the companies that it does work with (Toshiba and IBM) could refuse to cause new intersection points for Sony if they feel they are taking a r isk based on Sonys trickle in sales. For example when Microsoft joined the Video Game Industry it attempted to do things differently, like not charging royalties to third parties, thus third party console makers declined to manufacture x-boxes. This is also a moderate force that must be kept on check because whatever Sonys decision is to do in respond to the Wii, Sony will have to go to these third parties to manufacture the new ideas.Bargaining Power of Buyers For Sony, in that respect is not a lot of bargaining power from buyers. The issue is that its market is not as large as Nintendos. This force is not an immediate threat to Sony but or else would happen in a case where a company was forced to reduce the price of its video game console to enchant its market. The main issue in the Video Industry is not the cost of the product but rather the quality and popularity amongst the market.Recommendations Of all these five forces that drive Video Game industry competition, the stron gest forces are the intensity of rivals and threat of new entrants. Sony should not try to compete with Nintendo for the market, but should instead focus on its strongest facets in array to keep pleasing their current target market. Sony has become very popular amongst its target market and if it is not focused it can become weak and lose its market. If this happens then Microsoft would take Sonys position and market and have no other main competitors. If Sony can improve sales by pleasing its target market, then the other four forces can be avoided. Sony should stay focused on finding new technology to improve its current game console to please its current target market. This market has been sideline Sony since its birth and should be Sonys priority. Rushing into a larger market could damage Sony even more. The Video Game industry is definitely an attractive business for Sony, but Sony should be aware of its competitors and keep its product high quality.

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Case Study: What Is Up with Wall Street?

NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY concession COVER SHEET Learner Demetrice S. Campbell MGT7019-8 Douglas Buck morals in Business 3 Paper- Case determine What is Up With argue lane? The Goldman Standard and shades of Gray Academic Integrity All performance submitted in each course must be the Learners own. This includes all assignments, exams, term papers, and a nonher(prenominal) projects necessitated by the faculty mentor.The known submission of another persons work delineated as that of the Learners with out properly citing the source of the work give be considered plagiarism and will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the work submitted or for the entire course, and may result in academic dismissal. - - - Faculty Use Only - - - ltFaculty Name Running Head What Is Up with Wall Street? The Goldman Standard and Shades of Gray What is up with Wall Street? The Goldman Standard and Shades of Gray Demetrice S. Campbell Ethics in Business November 11, 2012 Abstract Case Study of Goldman Sachs What is up with Wall Street? The Goldman Standard and Shades of Gray was a case study focused on the company Goldman Sachs and the unfolding of a portentous decision that bear on the economic structure of our banking system, stock sh bes, and the government.Their strategies to make a more successful demarcation, stop with them being greedy for more m unmatchedy and success. These strategies lead to questions of their ethical standards in their craft practices. The company was founded by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs in 1869 (Jennings, 2012). The company was supposed to provide loans to small businesses, however instead Goldman wanted to do investing fundss. cupidity caused the company to turn a blind eye to what was really going on and this resulted in some(prenominal) downfalls for the company and others involved.The 1929 commercialize crash was one result of the companys practices. Rather than doing what was right, Goldman and Sachs just carried on runn ing into umteen walls. The problem to be investigated is the ethical standards of the company in relation to their investors and the price they pay. institution The problem to be investigated here is the ethical standards of the company in relation to their investors and the price they pay. In the bodily world, business ethics are very primary(prenominal) and give the gate be costly. Sometimes ethics can be over looked to motivate great deal.Ethics should be important elements of our day to day functions. It is important to realize the brilliance of business ethics if you want your business to grow. This could urinate a positive or negative intrusion on the productivity of the company. Business ethics are make up of a lot of native topics. Some people think that business ethics are comparative. There are many things that businesses move back part in that can be seen as gray area. Gray areas are situations in which the rules are not clear, or you are not sure what is righ t or wrong.Key items include lying and imitation representation. Goldman may have committed both these behaviors just to have greed and a successful company. Things that Goldman did that would be in the gray area include a. Sophisticated Investorby definition, it is to escape full disclosure to its clients. Goldman do offerings to ripe investors, but failed to tell the whole story and their position in the investment or the market. Since hence, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act has better clarified the definition to prevent firms from withholding information b.Analysts and dickens opinionsHe failed to follow the rules on the consistency between the analysts internal conversations and their communications and the external recommendations of the SEC rules require because it was for a particular group as strategists. The rules did not apply if their name did not have the tidings analyst in it. c. Auction rate securitiesit took state natural law to come up with a resolve of t hese problems. The SEC had difficulties applying regulations and laws to this behavior of bid up the price and then not buying.The clients were not aware that Goldman was bidding on the securities. Goldmans response as well as some others was that thither was always investment houses bidding in such auctions. d. initial globe offering allocation and structure of the marketthis also was eventually settled, but not without the insistent small lovelys and new rules on IPO allocations and covenants between the clients on second-wave agreements to buy more. e. IPO profitability changes prior to IPOGoldman failed to share that the steady drift from three years of profit to one year then down to one quarter.This was sort of a unique intelligent problem in regards to the profitability standard to one quarter because the financials were available on the dot-coms for the investors to see. Nothing was being disclosed. f. Partnership to dope structureWhen Goldman decided to change from p artnership to a corporation, this shielded them from being liable, where as being the principals, you indue it all on the line. The move to a corporation with limited liability resulted in riskier practices taken by the firm.Goldman was guilty creating a company and buying 90 percent of the shares with its own property. This practice made the public want in on the deal not knowing they were being misled. This allowed him to sell the shares he bought for more property while he buys more shares on the secondary market and causes the share prices to increase. He then turned around and used his funds to create another corporation. (Jennings, 2012) Goldman was also engaged in laddering, which is an agreement between Goldman and its scoop out clients for the distribution of a portion of the IPO at a reestablished price.However, under a laddering arrangement, those clients also had to agree to purchase a certain number of shares later during the IPO rollout at a price of $10 to $15 hi gher. (Jennings, 2012) Goldman also participated in auction-rate markets. He gave loans to executive members in exchange for shares. numerous of the issues included the nondisclosure of facts that an investor would have deemed very important in making their investment decisions. Goldman and Sachs were guilty of false impression, apparently because the investors were not aware of their position in the market.There is also the point of moral vulnerability and how allowing AIG to be bailed out provided a cover for Mr. Goldman and his sneaky business practices. Then there is the too big to fail issue, this is important because the investors were the one who lost money, not Goldman. He was protected. The front page of the newspaper test was a master in this case because the headlines did not prove to be flattering for Goldman. The Senators questions reflected the struggle of the people who were laborious to understand how and what Mr.Goldman had done complied to the law, but still co me across as a deceptive practice. The law is only one part of the ethical analysis. Goldman failed to think through the consequences of additional regulations, the fines that would be involved, and the clients because of the perception that he could not be trusted and may not always be acting in the best interest of the client. There areas affected by the Goldman model and gray areas include investors, the market, the U. S. conomy and the global economy, AIG, AIG investors, employees of AIG and other companies and investment banks that had to be dissolved or acquired or reduced in size, employees of dot-coms, beneficiaries of donations by companies and investment bankers, nonprofits also were affected because they had their endowment funds invested, real estate markets because of the impact in value, all those affected by a slump in the real estate market including real estate agents and brokers, contractors, furniture and window screen companies, decorators, landscapers. A little of everything was affected by these strategies and gray areas.Some of the people that were effect by Goldmans decisions were his clients as well as some of the top employees, such as Lloyd Blankfein. (Jennings, 2012) Investors thought they were going to receive money on their purchase. No employee or officer should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privilege information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other illegal trade practice. (Jennings, 2012) The main factors that contributed to the way that the employees, executives, traders, and advisers made their decisions were money and political power.The idea of being Filthy rich by 40, and the enticement is what produced so many millionaires so early in their lives. Many companies are cutting back on their financial-incentive programs, but there are many things that can be used to motivate employees. Goldman worked toes to the line culture, always looking to pay back the next big loophole available. The culture was also, If it is legal, then it is ethical which is not always the case. (Jennings, 2012) Goldmans behaviors are a typical image of Carrs theories. (Jennings, 2012) Could it be bluffing of Goldman to not reveal their positions or were they just tricking innocent people?Not everybody is aware and knowledgeable of the rules of the Wall Street. The larger investment bankers clearly were aware because of their own pursuit in IPOs to auction securities to their structuring of the CDOs. However, these investments made their way to the retail level where the knowledge base was nonexistent. Goldman and others believed them to be sophisticated investors by definition and it was unnecessary to share. However, that definition has now changed and more disclosure is required because they obviously did not understand the double positions.This is saying that the culture that existed at Goldman before will stay the same. The drive to be successful and the fact th at Goldman does not feel that its client base will be affected is why things will go on as business as usual. In other words, Goldman emerges with a fine but little remorse and a plan to go forward with the status quo. It does not come along as if any lessons were learned. Compare & Contrast Senator Collins has made clear that there was no legal fiduciary duty, but she questioned whether Goldman needed to act in its clients best interests as an issue of good business practice.The discussion states, Goldman struggled with that answer and could only come to the conclusion that it was an interesting idea. Goldman had a mentality that only the tough can survive in the markets. However, he did not take into account that with new regulations and the changes in the market he could no longer engage in those legally gray areas and would be obligated to vie on a different foundation other than his normal loopholes Conclusion Business ethics are very important to have but sometimes they ca n conflict with personal ethics.Owning a business can be a risky task. You have to make the decision of what is more important to you, is it the money that drives you or the will to do what is right and ethical. Goldman was not producing but he trick the investors into giving money without every showing anything. This is a very common thing that most investors never realize until they have lost millions of dollars. References Jennings, M. (2012). Business ethics Case studies and selected readings. (7thEd. ). Mason, OH South-Western Cengage Learning.

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Morals and ethics essay

The topics that are going to be explained include- the abortion policy, Bursas and how society deals with rapes. It will summarized Into a short paragraph for apiece topic which will Include an extra paragraph for defining natural righteousnesss and how they learn Into society, also a paragraph to explain what morals and ethics and how they have changed through and through society. The police force Is a dynamic thing. Let a complex mechanism evolving from hundreds of age of tradition, culture and values.In general terms, the law nookie be defined as a set of enforceable rules of conduct with set down guidelines for relationships mingled with people and organisms in a society. Laws change when society does, when a certain law is changed to fit the sophisticated day society, it is a very complicated process in which a law needs to be changed. For example, Australian politician Barry Farrell has changed the law of selling drinks in bars aft(prenominal) a certain time. The law s tates that bars and puns are not allowed to sell drinks after am to reduce people from being wound or even killed.Ethics and morals both relate to salutary and wrong conduct. Ethics Is set by a series of rules provided to an individual by an external source, egg- their profession. Whereas, morals refer to as an Individuals own principles regarding right and wrong. Ethics do not change as a person moves from one society to the next. ethical motive may change as a person moves from one society to the next. Bursas are an important indicate towards changing the community over time. The Burk is a fully covered outer garwork forcet that Islamic traditions have to cover up their dies, showing only their eyes.The problem regarding the Bursas is that this tradition has been brought into Australia and worn by Muslim women everywhere, and recant to take it off. This is why a new law is trying to be en strained to make legitimate Muslim women take off their Bursas when asked or needed too . The legislation was drafted in response to public yell about the case of Burk-weaning m another(prenominal)-of- seven Carnet Matthews, who had a conviction of knowingly making a false teaching quashed.Ms Matthews was originally given a six-month Call sentence after being mound guilty of incorrectly accusing a senior constable of forcibly trying to remove her Burk when she was pulled over while madcap in Woodbine in Kidneys southwest in June 2010. She was later found innocent on arouse after the prosecution could not prove she was the woman who signed the argumentation while wearing the garment. This statement is the main reason why Bursas should be interpreted off when told of. Abortion is also another probatory topic in relate to change in the community.The grounds on which abortion is permitted in Australia quit from state to state. In every Tate, abortion is legal to protect the life and health of the woman, though each state has a different definition. There is now law anywhere in Australia that requires the notification or consent of a womans sexual partner. There Is also no enforced waiting period or an abortion, except In Western Australia, a minor does not require parental consent or notification. This law Is also very similar to the one about rape. They both are salary In some ways and could not be controlled at sometimes.This law has changed over the last 40 years as back in the sasss, abortions were illegal in omen being bashed and then(prenominal) raped and get pregnant, they had to change the law because of this. A woman will have to have the pregnancy and live her entire life knowing how her child was brought into the world. Every time she looks at her child it could remind her of that horrible and persistent night. Another reason this law had been dropped was because of several gang rapes around Sydney. There was a number of attacks in a matter of weeks involving a group of guys on a girl in 2000.Eight Lebanese men kept approaching two new girls aged 17 and 18 in a gondola car on August 10th, August 12th, a 16 year old girl was walking through a park when a 17 year old raped her alongside 12 other men and one had even held a gun against her head, August 30th, a woman was told she was being taken to a house to smoke some cannabis, however she was taken to three different houses where she was raped 25 times by 14 different men, two 16 year old girls were taken by attackers at a local train station, where then three older men raped then repeatedly over five hours. This just goes to show how easy it could be to get pregnant after being raped.This tenement is true, this was happening to people because of the policy. In Conclusion, given the evidence, moral and ethics have changed law in modern society for a number of different reasons. The law regarding the Burk is bland being questioned and still has many different ways n how to change or stop the law. Abortion has changed due to young women being raped, becaus e of this the government and communities want this horrible thing to stop. Also, people are generally pleased with the law regarding abortion as people do not want to see young teens being forced to have and live with a child.

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Portfolio Models Essay

The expend of portfolio gravels in merchandiseing has been gaining increasing use since mid-sixties. The portfolio models were actual with the aim of helping in the development of grocery sh ar and ontogenesis. These models have been employ as st commitgical thinking model in the making of condescension end. These models include BCG, General electric/ dumbfound, Hofner-Schendel, realise bias and Porters Competitive models. Each model has been criticized on the capabilities and according to its electron orbit on trade sh ar. These models have been instal to demand to the wrong finale in investment and an early(a)(prenominal)(a) business processes.The portfolio models assume a causal relationship between the market share and the profitability of a overlap in the market. The common scope of portfolio models is the way it tries to ignores some of the most relevant strategic issues in business. at that placefore, all models can non be taken as an effective strategic decision making model. It should however be discarded or it should be employ with caution. This paper does not recommend the use of portfolio models and an alternative way should be sought to replace this. doorPortfolio models can be defined as a method or strategy in which a recent product ordain be introduced in the market and perform as it was expected. In the 1960s, on that point was growing assertion of the use of portfolio models in marketing. There was growing interest on the development of market share and growth strategy which later came to be known as marketing portfolio. The BCG intercellular substance, Hofner-Schendel, Experience wriggle and Porters Competitive models and GE/S were meant to achieve the marketing enquires especially when introducing new products in the market.They were meant to deliver strategic thinking especially among the senior marketing executives in the turbulent business environment. However, there has been disfunction of these models in the way they are taught and the way they are applied in the market. This interpret will aim into the applicability of portfolio models in strategic decision making in marketing. The study will evaluate the linear perspective from a number of literature to understand whether the model can really be applied to the decision making process or not.This paper therefore evaluates the available literature which has given an insight into this model to understand how it can be applied in strategic marketing decision. There are other methods that were introduced to give a product a distinctive market share especially when its introduced. There are four commonly used methods to approach this matter, the capital of Massachusetts consulting group (BCG), the General electric/shell (GE/S), Hofner-Schendel, Experience skip and Porters Competitive models.Therefore to give the clear meaning of the portfolio model, there is a need to understand how the portfolio models work. The first step to be ta ken when victimization the above models is to understand the different business/ marketing strategies of the smart set. Portfolio models in marketing decisions Portfolio models management generally defines the way business comes up with strategic decision to venture into the market. In this definition, the strategic marketing decision is a method by which marketing ideas are made and implemented in order for a product to have stronger grounds in the market.At any one time, fellowship will be coming up with new product which will need to be introduced to the market in the most successful way. Portfolio models therefore provide the business with all- classic(a) tools for analyzing of the strategic decision to determine their effectiveness in the market (Abell and Hammond, 1979, p. 42). Purpose of portfolio models in strategic decision making in marketing There are mainly four main purpose of using the portfolio models in the strategic marketing decisions which are pursued in portfo lio management and must be achieved by any model that is used.These goals include the maximization of portfolio, seeking of the right balance of the available projects, aligning of the portfolio strategically, and aligning the projects to the available resource (Ansoff, 1984, p. 12). Smith and Swinyard (1999, p. 2) also show that portfolio marketing models are important for an organization to tax the overall success of a new product in the market before a circumstances of money is used in the development of the product. They both call for the use of multiple marketing models in order to achieve the overall success of introducing new products in the market.This will reduce the failure rate of the products and extend their invigoration cycle in the market. (Thomas, 2002, p. 61) The models can also be used as important tools to gauge the level of competition and therefore draw upon effective way of beating this competition. They help to forecast the performance of a product in th e market so as to draw up strategies to efficaciously introduce it in the market. Edgett, Cooper, and Kleinschmidt (2002, p. 2) showed that in order to achieve full development of a new product in the market, there has to be effective portfolio management.There are different types of portfolio models that include the BCG, GE/S, Hofner-Schendel, Experience Curve and Porters Competitive models. In his review of the portfolio models, Day (1977, p. 32) showed that the use of bubble diagrams had been gaining increasing use in business. Day shows that these models resemble the portfolio models with stars, cash cows, dogs, and others. He showed that these models could be used successfully to forecast the market in the future.Day therefore maintain the role of matrix like Boston matrix in marketing. The Boston matrix could be used to show four quadrants as has been shown by Day and corresponding strategies which could be used in each quadrant. However Day criticizes the matrix on the sens e that it is too limit on its scope. He asserts that the BCG matrix has a narrow focus on the market share of the product. On the other hand Morrison and Wensley (1991, p. 106) provided an insight into the portfolio planning models as used in making business decision.They asserted that the use of BCG matrix in portfolio management is inhibited by difficulties in measurement of the rate of market growth and the relative market share of the product. This is due to a number of agreements. They gave the most prominent reason being the fact that market boundaries are often very difficult to fix which meant the different matrix methods will give different recommendations for a given situation. Therefore they argue that the common scope of BCG matrix in a way ignores some of the most relevant strategic issues in business.Though these other models are not as famous as BCG, Day still argues that use of them could also lead to success in the market. Day advocated and recommended the use of Porters competitiveness that he viewed to have higher possibilities of success than other models if its well implemented. It is commonly used in an already operating business with other products in the market. The accept curve can only be help to the company that has been in the market for sometime with a different product.The experience that the company has gained in the given period will determine the strength of the company in the market. This has been used by several companies like coca-cola in the introduction their mineral water. It would be toilsome for a company that has not been doing well in the market to succeed with the new product. They showed that Boston matrix was a technique for one season and not for all the season. This is because its popularity and use increased in the 1960s and 1970s and then plummeted due to the challenges faced in the market.They showed that the single chart could be successfully used to determine the growth potential and the competitive stre ngth of a product in the market however this has rapidly changed with time. Armstrong and Brodie (1994, p. 38) evaluation on the applicability of the Boston matrix concluded that the use of the matrix to pull emerge investors often would result to wrong decision through the use of BCG. General Electric and Shell, Porters competitive models are designed for long term use in the market, once the product has been introduced in the market, the models techniques still continues to plump for the product through the entire life in the market.Whichever model is used, it has to be used for entire life of the company because no other model will fit without altering the companies business especially when the company is introducing new product in the market. Although they based their study on a small number of graduates in a class, they gave a further warning against the use of the matrix in a simple mind. Armstrong and Brodie (1994, p. 3) carried out a study on the effect of the portfolio planning methods on the overall decision making process.Their study pointed out the weakness in the use of BCG matrix in making strategic decision in an organization. Their study revealed that the use of BCG matrix in making investment decisions was highly likely to lead to shadowy investment while Robert and Merton (1989, p. 210) advocates that the implementation of other models instead of matrix were intended for lifetime decision making. If not well implemented, there is a probability of causing life time losses and would be tall(prenominal) to recover unless(prenominal) the product is withdrawn from the market.Each model has some weaknesses bas they are exposed out in the way models assume a casual relationship between the market share and the profitability of a product in the market. Morison and Wesley (1991, p. 26) also pointed out lack of consistency in the use of the portfolio models in find market growth and profits. These studies give varied views on the use of Boston m atrix, GE/S, Hofner-Schendel, Experience Curve and Porters Competitive models in making marketing decision. They all seem to point out on the weaknesses of these models in light of their theory and application.There are other ways a business can turn other than using portfolio models. The strategies used in introducing the product in the market is all that matters, portfolios are sound to give the business a rough idea on how to approach the marketing matter provided not to give a conclusive tread which the business should follow. Conclusion Portfolio models are applied in portfolio management. They are applied in management to make strategic marketing decision. Though they had gained increasing use in different times, they have some weaknesses that are fatal to the welfare of the business in future.On the other hand they may give a rough idea on how to approach the market issues and on how to introduce the new product in the market. In all portfolios, not is able to announce th e growth and the profit margins or losses on the other hand for the product, thus making them less important tool for the marketing. However the use of models should be discarded and there be implemented new strategies that would be able to address the issues of the business on long term and in both growth and revenues that are likely to be gained by the introduced product.Recommendations The use of portfolio models is not recommended and if they have to be used, they must be implemented with great caution. None of all models has proofed an effective strategic decision making in regard to the marketing issues. It should however be discarded or it should be used with caution. This paper does not recommend the use of portfolio models and an alternative way should be sought to replace this.

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An Incident That Made Me Believe in Fate!!!

An Incident That Made Me Believe In great deal I am choosing that free will exists in our world. I think that I make my witness choices every day, but I know that God definitely helps me along the way. Every day I wake up, and I make a decision, should I go back to sleep, lie here tone at the walls, or should I get out of bed and go to class? My story takes mark before I was a teenager I would have to flashback twenty years. What is assent? Is it belief in ones God? How does one happen faith? Can someone that claims to have faith ever doubt?When I was twelve years old, I thought that I was religious. I went to a function with my youth convocation. In attendance were a great number of kids, I felt bemused in the shuffle with so many things going on. Just as I contemplated to sneak away, a boy came over to talk to me, How thoughtful, I said to myself. We sat for a very long time and larn the Bible together. It made me feel so limited, like I was starting to belong to the gro up. I felt it was so wonderful that someone took the time to notice me. This experience had a very special meaning to me.One of the most important aspects of teenage life is feeling secure, accepted, and loved. At that moment I felt all those things at one time. My preacher came over to talk with me and wondered why I was seance all alone. I looked up and realized I was alone. I told her about the boy who had noticed me. We read the bible together, and we talked for hours. She helped me look for him and we couldnt find him anywhere. I was devastated and had no idea where he could have gone. I had been looking all weekend for the boy who noticed me, only I still couldnt find him anywhere.Thats when I realized that this was awesome. I know what it is It is fate or faith? Here I am at a Christian event, and to think I was visited by the Lord. I told the preacher that, and she told me that I need to tell everyone the account of what happened. So there I was, standing in front of this g roup of kids. I was so anxious, but also calm. The story just flowed out of me. I told everyone what exactly happened to me this weekend. Whether individuals think in God or not, a person must have a reason for his or her belief. I think fate has dealt me with a wonderful reason to believe in God

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World Civilization I Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

World Civilization I - Coursework ExampleThe success of his law codification can be estimated from the fact that several nearby civilizations created similar codes of law including the Laws of Eshnunna and the Hittite code of laws.neolithic agricultural economy reveals increasing intent and ability of humans to manipulate the natural world to their utility in a variety of ways. During the early 7th millennium BC, the Aegean area saw a transition from the practice of food-gathering to the practice of organized food production as humans started domesticating animals and plants rather than hunting wild animals and gathering wild fruit. Humans used natural resources to make innovative things to serve their of necessity and interests.The rise of the city led to a more hierarchical society in early Mesopotamia because such a structure is a prerequisite for the establishment of an organized and structured system of law codification and implementation. In such a hierarchical structure, the King and his family were placed at the top in the set were the traders and workers and at the lowest level were the

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Investment Analysis and Security Valuation to a Real Life Situation Research Paper

Investment Analysis and Security Valuation to a Real Life pip - Research Paper ExampleThe scrip of the Almarai Company under the agriculture and food vault of heaven has been given a buy recommendation as it is a bull in the merchandise which is besides outperforming most of the early(a) players of this sector. Almarai Company is one of the attractive stocks on the Saudi Stock Exchange Tadawul. The stock is actively traded. Eqarani (2012) has reviewed Almarai to be the largest integrated dairy telephoner in the world, with a well recognized brand that was ranked minute three in Forbess Top-40 Arab Brands list. A snap shot taken out of the exchange and presented as Fig 1 depicts its active trading patterns. Fig1 The confederacy has the authorized capital of four hundred0 million Saudi Arab Riyals and has issued 400 million shares of par value of 10 Riyals. The stock is trading at a level preceding(prenominal) 50 Riyals on Tadawul stock exchange. The company has a paid capital of 4000 million Riyals and its floated issued shares are 165,409,795. The company belongs to the agriculture and food sector which is a tremendously growing sector of the economy of Saudi Arabia. The exploitation for this sector on the Tadawul in last one year is 29.21%. There are reasons. Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the middle-east for agricultural and food products. This sector of economy in Saudi Arabia is growing at a GDP of 8%. Agriculture products in Saudi Arabia account for more than 25% of the private sector investments. The companies not only produce for the local market but they are eying the export market also in the surrounding middle-east countries. All the more, the Saudi government has set its priority on becoming self dependent on the food front because still it is importing 70% of the food items. It is boon sequence for companies including multinationals for meteorically rise in this progressing economy. Almarai Company already holds a significant pla ce in the economy. The company enjoys a robust health and is a mature company. It was established way back in 1977. The then professorship of the company Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saudi Al Kabeer worked with a vision to transform the precise dairy farming industry into an efficient and professional giant that should be able to cater to the growing demands of its population and that too by making its products available at affordable costs. A few graphs presented to a lower place depict the consistent good performance of the company in last few years. Graph 1 (Years range from 1 to 4 on X-axis is 2008 to 2011) The Graph 1 shows that the revenue earned by the company is rising at a consistent rate of 8 to 10 per cent each later(prenominal) year. This is an indicator of robust market position of the company. Graph 2 (Years range from 1 to 4 on X-axis is 2008 to 2011) The scenario of operating income is comfortable. The operating income in declivity 2011 is 1517 million riyals incrementing by 59 million riyals in proportion to the operating income level of 1459 million riyals in Dec2010. In contrast to this the incremental enhancement in the operating income in Dec2010 was 494 million riyals in comparison to its level of 965 million riyals in Dec 2009. This is a point of concern but at the same time the capital investment in the expansions done by the company explains this low incremental increase in Dec2011. It is not that heavier in comparison to

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350- to 700-word essay comparing the similarities and differences Term Paper

350- to 700-word essay comparing the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics - Term Paper ExampleIn order to understand these principles better and understand how they can apply to real-life situations it is best to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each severally and then highlight their commonalities and differences.Utilitarianism focuses on the idea that what is morally or ethically right is the course that results in the best possible consequences or what creates the greatest happiness among the larger portion. After all human beings scarper off of a pleasure principle in their actions and behaviors. This perspective is often found among big concludinge makers whose behaviors and decisions affect many (Fahey, 2012). Therefore the greatest happiness on the largest scale is being considered, as hostile to the needs of an individual. For example when we are with a group of 5 friends and each want the group to get in in different activities, therefore each member makes their case and the majority activity is chosen. This will not make the whole group happy but it will make the majority happy. Deontologists are commit to the idea of actions that are ethical are a result of a sense of duty. There is a staunch strictness to this ethical viewpoint. An action is right as long as it remains in accordance with preset ethical laws (Rainbow, 2002). A good example is what we see in modern court of law rooms today, sometimes the law is immutable and disallowing of exception, this takes no consideration of the larger groups concerns or the ethical concerns of the accused. The final ethical principle is virtue ethics, which adheres to the idea that a persons individual character essential be considered as exactly that individual. A prime example of this can be found in our own academic institutions. A friend forgets to properly site a source in his paper, which meaning he technically plagiarized. However, if you see that the other citations are accurate and this student has had no history of corrupt conduct,

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Jeffersons and Hamiltons Differences Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Jeffersons and Hamiltons Differences - Article Example Jefferson considered agriculture to be the foundation of the American economy, while Hamilton favored commerce and industry. Jefferson opposed Hamiltons proposal to establish a national fix of the United States, to provide g everyplacenment subsidies to manufacturers and to impose tariffs to provide temporary protection to new firms. Jefferson argued that the establishment of a central bank was not sanctioned by the constitution and opposed the promotion of industry over agriculture. Hamilton suggested that the Federal government take over the unpaid public debts of the states and pay off the national debt. (Tours). In the area of foreign policy, Jefferson feared undue English influence and believed that America was obliged to actively support the french Revolution. On the other hand, Hamilton tended towards England and warned against involvement in France. (Pearson). I think that both Jefferson and Hamilton held strong, valid positions. ... Interpretation of the constitution, the see on the expansion of the federal governments authority and the emergence of the two-party political remains have their roots in this conflict. The Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Party are the precursors of the present political divisions. America could blend the philosophies of Jefferson and Hamilton for the good of the fledgling nation. 5 The Separation of Powers. Although the framers of the U.S. Constitution did not explicitly define the Separation of Powers, the model is implicitly enshrined in the structure of government as laid down in Articles 1, 2 and 3. The carrying into action of the three branches of the federal government - the legislative, the executive and the judicial - are clearly demarcated and separated. Article 1 states that all(a) legislative powers...shall be vested in a Congress. Article 2 vests the executive a President. Article 3 places the judicial power of the United S tates in one Supreme Court. The Legislative is composed of the field of operations and Senate. The Executive is composed of the President, Vice-President, and the Departments. The Judicial is composed of thefederal courtsand the Supreme Court. The framers of the Constitution believed the Separation of Powers to be demand because a concentration of political power is inherently dangerous and will sooner or ulterior lead to the abuse of power and to oppressive government (McClelland, Part 1V B).